How calcium can wreak havoc in a drain field.

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your home fully functional, especially if you just bought it from the real estate market. Even if the agent has showed you every positive aspect of the property, you still somehow have a feeling that something is kept from you. This usually happens when the necessary inspection is not performed before the property is purchased. The septic system is one of the … Read more

How often should I pump out my sand mound?

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Sand mound treatments

This article will touch base on the age old question of how effective are sand mound treatments. The thought of moving into your sister’s house made you feel uneasy and happy at the same time. For years, you have been used to live alone with your loyal husky. It was going to be a shock to live with your sister, her husband, and their seven-year-old triplets. But … Read more

Are raised mound aerators beneficial?

The concept of having a raised mound system in your back yard was not a thing that you immediately accepted. You had your heart and mind set on having a concealed septic system that no one in the household could know about except you. But there you were, in the yard, watching the landscape architect and his crew build around the raised mound that the septic expert … Read more

How calcium can wreak havoc in a cesspool

You should understand how calcium can wreak havoc in a cesspool. If you are not familiar with this, you could mistake the calcium here is like the calcium present in milk or other dairy products. The calcium referred to here is calcium sulfoaluminate. Calcium sulfoaluminate or ettringite is a yellow or colorless mineral that crystallizes and turns white when it is dehydrated. Specific brands used in the … Read more

Do water softeners harm septics?

Hard water can effect people in many ways and you may not even know it. Using water in everyday chores, using it for hygiene. These are just some of the ways that we use water in everyday life. Have you ever taken a shower and the soap on your skin would leave a disgusting residue? That residue is soap that didn’t rinse off properly. There is a … Read more

Help with a saturated raised mound

It’s true that every day is a challenge. You get up in the morning, anticipating a day of hard work. But it’s not only work that you have to think about when you have a home and a family. Each day you leave your house, you think of your family’s safety. Over and over, you recall if you or your wife set the security system before you left. … Read more

How to locate your cesspit

That weekend, you had nothing more to do at home. It was supposed to be filled with appointments but before it started, the appointments cancelled themselves because your dermatologist, dentist, and doctor has previous engagements that they completely forgot about. So there you were, unexpectedly stuck at home without anything to do but lounge around and try to get dog to come and play with you. Your dog … Read more

How much does it cost to have a drain field pumped?

There usually is a couple of questions that most homeowners have when dealing with septic systems and drain fields.  Most people tend to only rely on man-made additives. As a result, the drain field usually gets clogged up. The backing up of the raw sewage and wafting of septic odors that overwhelm their homes comes next, making them very unhealthy places to live in. When this happens at a home it means that … Read more

Will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields?

It already common knowledge by now that the septic system is composed of the septic tank and the drain field. The septic tank is where the wastewater is initially treated and stored. The drain field is where the purification and the last treatment for the wastewater are done before it is released into the surrounding environment. The drain field is also prone to acquiring pathogenic bacteria and … Read more