How plastics and nylons from laundry water can block a drain field.

Concern for the environment involves the care for your living area and the surrounding premises. This means that you have to make sure that every component of your home is maintained well so that it remains healthy and sanitized for you and your entire household. It is not new to every homeowner like you that a septic system exists in your property so that your daily wastewater … Read more

Salt can cause clogging in a cesspit

Every element of a functional home should work in harmony with its other parts. There has to be a balance in everything so that the routines will not be interrupted. Part of the home is wastewater treatment. If you have a cesspit when you bought your property, then you have an old-fashioned wastewater treatment system. It has an inflow pipe and a tank surrounded by perforations. The … Read more

How salt can clog a raised mound system

The ultimate challenge doesn’t only come in purchasing your own property. It also comes in maintaining it so that you could live in a sanitized and orderly environment. It is true that not everything you may hope for in your new home will always be there but surely you will manage in the long run. One of the unexpected things that you may get is a raised … Read more