How to aerate a raised mound

You gasped for air when you woke up. You had another dream. Your mother frantically rushed into your room to see if you were okay. She said that you screamed again. You told her that you had the same dream again. It was a very vivid dream. You were having ice cream with your friends on the second level terrace and then you decided to get some … Read more

Are septic system aerators beneficial?

Skepticism has always been your forte. You have always wanted to see before you believe. The evidence always has to come first and compel you to establish that a certain method or object can be beneficial or not. One of the latest concerns that you wanted to confirm, are septic system aerators beneficial? Your neighbors and colleagues have always bragged about how the septic system aerators brought … Read more

What is aerobic bacteria?

When you hear the word bacteria, you immediately think of disease and death. It is automatically perceived by anyone that when bacteria are present, you will readily contract an infection that would destroy your health. But if you take the time to study about these microorganisms, you will find out that bacteria can be very beneficial in every way. Before time was even recorded, bacteria have already … Read more