Septic system enzymes

Septic enzymes

There is much controversy about septic system enzymes and how they work. Everything about the septic system should be studied and appreciated by the homeowner. The septic system is the wastewater treatment system that is especially designed for a specific home or household. It has to accommodate the number of people that live in the house it serves. If you have any plans of having more people … Read more

Using enzymes to degrade grease

Grease is seen these days as a semi-solid version of Frankenstein’s monster. When it was invented, its main purpose was to help man in his endeavors that involved machines and watertight containers. But as progress grew, the intended helper “good guy” has transformed into one of the greatest environmental threats in this day and age. One way of combatting this enemy would be, Using enzymes to degrade grease. One of … Read more