Drain field maintenance products

Some times making the right decision can be hard to do in life. Making up your mind about certain problems can cause much aggravation and can even make you restless. You have to weigh the pros and cons about your choices. How will my choice effect me down the road? Am I going to be happy with my choice? Basically, what you do now has some effect on the future. … Read more

Drain field treatments

Homeowners normally try to improve the state of their property. Some ones property is a symbol, showing the fruits of your labor and hard work. They know that it is very important to keep their property and everything on it in working order, just like the day they bought it. They know that they have to maintain it and do upkeep to the property. Not only does the house, … Read more

Will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields?

It already common knowledge by now that the septic system is composed of the septic tank and the drain field. The septic tank is where the wastewater is initially treated and stored. The drain field is where the purification and the last treatment for the wastewater are done before it is released into the surrounding environment. The drain field is also prone to acquiring pathogenic bacteria and … Read more

Septic tank maintenance products

From the moment you were born, your existence has to be maintained. You have to eat, bath, take supplements, move about, breathe, get well, and learn. Maintenance is a must if survival is to be achieved. Other people try to maintain what they basically need while the rest maintain good skin, stress-free lifestyle, endless youth, great hair, and an awesome body. All these you have to do … Read more