How much does it cost to have a drain field pumped?

There usually is a couple of questions that most homeowners have when dealing with septic systems and drain fields.  Most people tend to only rely on man-made additives. As a result, the drain field usually gets clogged up. The backing up of the raw sewage and wafting of septic odors that overwhelm their homes comes next, making them very unhealthy places to live in. When this happens at a home it means that it is time for a pump out. But what is involved with a pump out? How much does it cost to have a drain field pumped?

A septic system is your very own personal wastewater treatment system.  It is a system that involves the septic tank and the drain field. In the septic tank, this is where the primary treatment of the wastewater happens. It is specifically designed to recycle the wastewater that your household produces and isolate the toxic substances from your home and the surrounding environment. Then the pre-treated effluent is then delivered to the drain field. The drain field is where the final treatment of the effluent is done. The drain field is equipped with anaerobic bacteria that help break down further the minute traces of solid particles in the wastewater. They also regulate the bio-mat that filters off the contaminants and pathogens from the effluent before it goes back to the surrounding environment. The biggest issue is the septic tank and drain field and how much does it cost to have a drain field pumped?

Even if the drain field has the bio-mat and the anaerobic bacteria, it is still prone to having blockages. The drain field blockages are caused by the malfunctions in the septic tank. Everything starts in the household. When the homeowner uses antibacterial household cleaners and harsh chemicals, does not use the toilets, sinks, and drains properly. Also if they do not adhere to the pump out schedule and not using septic treatments at all. If the septic tank accumulates a heavy amount of sludge or undigested solid wastes, then the drain field is bound to experience clogging and failure. To make sure that the drain field and the entire system functions smoothly, the drain field should also be pumped out.

Pumping out your drain field is a basic thing to do to rid the drain field of any trace of solid waste materials. Pumping the drain field actually depends on the number of people in your household. A household that has two members needs to have the drain field pumped every three years. If it has five people, then it should be pumped every two years. But if the house has at least 6 members, then the drain field should be pumped yearly. No matter how many you are in your home, you should discuss things with your septic expert so that the scheduling could be made. You could spend anywhere from $125 to $500 in some areas for having your drain field pumped. But the price really depends on the area, the condition, and the usage of the septic system. You should make sure that you set aside an amount every year so that when it’s time for your pumping out, you will not be financially burdened.

An inspection should be done before and after the pumping is done. The drain field should be inspected for any presence of heavy footprints or vehicle tracks that may cause damage to the components of the system. The drain field will also be inspected to see if there are any effects of harsh chemicals or antibacterial household cleaners. If the bacterial population is affected, then the drain field and the entire system will definitely suffer. The septic expert who will perform the pumping out should definitely be a professional that does it right. Remember, the biggest issue is always the septic tank, drain field and how much does it cost to have a drain field pumped?