Can tree roots block or clog septic systems?

Roots in septic line

Having lots of plants in your yard definitely tells everyone that you are a lover of the environment. It really shows how you care for your lawn, your flowers, your shrubs, and even your trees. You are even very proud of them because you have grown them from when they were just seeds. You germinated them and then transplanted them bit by bit until they were ready … Read more

Will Baking Soda Clean Septic Tanks?

If you own a septic tank system, you may have thought of different treatments for your septic system. Lets look at one of them. Baking Soda, “will baking soda clean septic tanks?  The answer is actually yes, this will go a long way in helping to maintain a healthy and effective septic tank system the truth of the matter, is that this can actually be a very beneficial … Read more

Septic Tank Cracks

Cracks in a septic tank sometimes can be fixed easily or they may be a sign that the tank and possibly the rest of the septic system is in disarray, requiring attention. Most septic tank systems installed prior to 1980 were constructed of cement with any lateral or field lines made from PVC, cast iron or clay tile. As the cement tanks age, micro-cracks develop throughout the entire system. … Read more