Keep excess water away from septic systems

Water sitting over lateral lines of drainfield

House hunting can be fun yet daunting all at the same time. However, you should not be swayed immediately by the property‚Äôs good looks or convenient location. If you have already checked out those two, it is time to dwell on the more technical stuff. You should now pay attention to the wastewater treatment system built and installed in the home that you want. A conventional septic … Read more

Fixing and preventing sand mound wet spots

Giant sand mound

Having a sand mound drainage system is not like having a traditional leaching field. You have to take special care of it, or else it can start to experience issues. Since it is known to be a very complicated wastewater treatment system, you should pay close attention to any warning signs it may present. One such warning sign is wet spots on your sand mound. If you … Read more