Are raised mound aerators beneficial?

The concept of having a raised mound system in your back yard was not a thing that you immediately accepted. You had your heart and mind set on having a concealed septic system that no one in the household could know about except you. But there you were, in the yard, watching the landscape architect and his crew build around the raised mound that the septic expert just finished installing a day ago. It was heartbreaking news for you because you would have to explain the whole thing to those who would notice it especially to the children. There have been quite a few entertaining stories that you have come up with if ever children bugged you about the raised mound. But you would have to keep them in stock until the last minute. Meanwhile, you watched your yard undergo a transformation through the skilled landscape artists. Just then, the septic expert called and asked you if you would like to consider installing a raised mound aerator before you actually use the facilities of your home. Instantly, you asked, “Are raised mound aerators beneficial?” The septic expert answered a resounding YES. He said that he would come over in a while to discuss it with you.

After almost an hour, the septic expert arrived with some documents and brochures that maybe you could consider checking out. There are many raised mound aerator manufacturers that would love to show you what they had in store. The first thing that the septic expert told you was about the mechanism of the raised mound system. It is the wastewater treatment facility of your property because of the high water table. It is known to be extra sensitive than the conventional septic system because of the fact that it is raised above the ground and more exposed to the elements. In fact, you should layer it with construction fabric first before placing the thin topsoil because this would keep the heat inside the raised mound. Conventional septic systems are built underground that is why the heat from the bacteria’s metabolism is kept inside. The entire system does not freeze over this way. The construction fabric should constantly be checked so that it will always remain functional even during the winter season.

As you know, the raised mound also has bacteria to perform the breaking down of the solid materials in the wastewater. In the tank, the aerobic bacteria take action while the anaerobic bacteria do their job in the soil absorption system. Yet even in the efficient performance of these bacteria, the effluent still doesn’t get the all-out filtration that is required. With the help of a raised mound aeration system, the efficiency will increase to a much higher level. An aeration system will pump in a lot of oxygen into the raised mound system. This would really boost up the growth of aerobic bacteria both in the tank and in the soil absorption system. The aerobic bacteria will compensate for the inefficiency of the anaerobic bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria usually take their sweet time in degrading waste particles but with the aerobic bacteria, their work is really accomplished a lot faster. The aerobic bacterium degrades the smaller solid waste particles that the anaerobic bacteria miss. The aeration system really does help the natural filtration process a lot easier.

The results of having a raised mound aeration system can be unbelievable. The outcome may be: that the effluent will become about 90 percent clearer and more odorless. You will even see a dramatic improvement to your raised mound system after about 4 to 6 weeks when the aeration unit is installed. Because of the process that goes on in your raised mound and the aeration system, you could be assured that your raised mound will last much longer. Of course, you should keep on maintaining and caring for your raised mound as well.

After the orientation, you agreed to have the aeration system installed. You knew that it is a major call to make but it would be worth it because it would make your home investment function optimally and last for decades. The answers to the age old question of are raised mound aerator beneficial is yes. Aeration is very beneficial.