Correcting Septic Tank Problems

Solving Septic Tank Problems

Septic tank problems plague tens of thousands of residential and commercial buildings each year. Many of the issues relating to these problems can usually be prevented or delayed with a little preventative maintenance on the septic system owner’s part. The first thing to do when experiencing any type of problem is to attempt to diagnose exactly what might be happening. Most problems occur in the drain field … Read more

Can tree roots block or clog septic systems?

Roots in septic line

Having lots of plants in your yard definitely tells everyone that you are a lover of the environment. It really shows how you care for your lawn, your flowers, your shrubs, and even your trees. You are even very proud of them because you have grown them from when they were just seeds. You germinated them and then transplanted them bit by bit until they were ready … Read more

How to get rid of septic system bio-mat buildup

Bio Mat coming out of ground

So, you find out that you have bio-mat and your helpful septic expert informs you that you need to either replace the entire system, or, try a septic tank treatment to help break that muck up and get the system flowing again. The septic expert said that he could immediately take care of the issue since he was convinced that the black thick sludge was the culprit. … Read more

Planting on and Landscaping Your Septic Mound System

Be careful planting near or over your drainfield

There are mainly two types of options available to remove the excess content and water from septic tank systems. One is the drain field and the other is the mound system. The decision as to which type of septic system you can use is based on so many factors. The main points involved in the decision are the climatic factors and the type of soil in the … Read more

Keep excess water away from septic systems

Water sitting over lateral lines of drainfield

House hunting can be fun yet daunting all at the same time. However, you should not be swayed immediately by the property’s good looks or convenient location. If you have already checked out those two, it is time to dwell on the more technical stuff. You should now pay attention to the wastewater treatment system built and installed in the home that you want. A conventional septic … Read more

Septic system effluent filters

Perforated drain field pipe

Septic tanks have become an inevitable part of many households and are the best thing to help effectively manage waste water that is generated in the home. Many septic tanks have different components and sizes depending on the type and the size of the house. The periodic maintenance of septic tanks is necessary to keep it in good working condition. The smooth functioning of the septic tanks … Read more

How can plastics and nylons from laundry water wreak havoc in a leach field

Laundy releases tiny nylons and fibers into your septic system.

Man’s technological milestones have always managed to make life a little more interesting and convenient. Like every single man-made substance, plastic also has its disadvantages such as pollution. This is a common problem especially in household septic systems. It is a fact that not all household members dispose of plastics properly. Many think that if the plastic they use is biodegradable, it could be totally decomposed just like organic … Read more

Septic system enzymes

Septic enzymes

There is much controversy about septic system enzymes and how they work. Everything about the septic system should be studied and appreciated by the homeowner. The septic system is the wastewater treatment system that is especially designed for a specific home or household. It has to accommodate the number of people that live in the house it serves. If you have any plans of having more people … Read more

How much does it cost to have a cesspit pumped out?

Cost of pumping out a septic system

If you ask homeowners what specific care and maintenance they give their cesspit, the most common answer is to have it pumped. Some people have different beliefs when it comes to their personal wastewater treatments system. The cesspit helps maintain the health and safety of your home and the surrounding environment. It is responsible for recycling and filtering the wastewater so that you or other people in your area will … Read more

Septic system preventive maintenance

Preventing septic problems before they start

Septic system preventive maintenance can be practiced in every aspect of your life. Your preventive maintenance of leading a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements, and undergoing regular check ups give you a disease-free body. Reading and participating in discussions help you prevent your mind’s stagnation. Cooking a lot prevents your taste buds from being dull. Keeping your house clean and cared for prevents it from deteriorating especially during … Read more