Retirement home grease trap bacteria

Being able to keep things looking like new is almost an impossible task. For example, the elements such as rain, wind and hail can take a toll on your house or car. It is natural for everything to break down or die off in time. The same thing happens to people. Humans can’t be young forever. They can’t work for the rest of their lives. Maybe there have been times when denial set … Read more

Cafeteria Grease Trap Cleaning

Students and employees in the United States are confined in schools and offices respectively. This is to facilitate co-existing together in the same environment so that each one could benefit from each other’s strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. It’s a simple concept that has been implemented for the longest time. And the system has definitely brought about so many productive results academically and corporately. One … Read more

Hospital grease trap prevention

How can hospital grease trap prevention help you? Having good health is very important for everyone to achieve. Health in all aspects of life including physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. There are even times when being in your home, school, or work may get the best of you and weaken your immune system. Some people cannot adapt quickly enough and in result, they may become sick. If cannot recovery from your … Read more

Sports Arena grease trap smells

It’s a pastime that involves sweat, tears, blood, effort, and smells. It may not be a very glamorous field to be involved in if these factors are to be considered. Behind the fame and the money involved lies hard work. It involves physical and mental exertion that only highly-trained and highly-skilled athletes could live with. Sports Arenas are the best venues for these athletes to exhibit what … Read more

Sports Arena grease trap leaking

Sports Arenas are some the biggest money makers out in the world today. Not only do you have sport teams that play in them, but you also have concerts and other fun activities that go on in these gigantic arenas. There is also many various food vendors that serve the enormous general public that attend these events. All of the food vendors need to have proper working equipment, so … Read more

Government housing grease trap prevention

The FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis in the US is threatening to rule every single state with health and environmental issues if not dealt with immediately. Even with the rise of technological development, overflow of sewage and FOG still threatens to wipe out the facilities and the waterways in every state. It is saddening to accept that the major contributors in this FOG problem are the government … Read more

Hospital grease removal

Healthcare is a holistic field. Any healthcare professional knows that when someone is taken care of in a hospital, every aspect of the person is treated. A bout of chicken pox or measles could deprive the body of nutrients as it repairs itself but at the same time, depression and lack of self esteem could also be experienced by the patient. In a healthcare facility such as … Read more

Municipal grease trap elimination

Every municipality has a myriad of services and products provided to the people under its jurisdiction. The most common among all the given products and services is food. Everywhere, there are food establishments that satisfy cravings and sustain daily activities, in which manufacturing food, FOG (fat, oils, grease) materialize. This is because of the fact that vegetable and animal fats are used in production of food. Since not every … Read more

Using bacteria to prevent the buildup of grease

It’s really mind-boggling how man continues to find ways on how to correct his mistakes in the midst of progress. FOG (fats, oils, grease) is the most common by-product in every industry these days. People excrete FOG together with the various food establishments and facilities in the United States. Every year, large amounts of fines are collected for FOG overflow from a lot of companies that do … Read more