Municipal grease trap elimination

Every municipality has a myriad of services and products provided to the people under its jurisdiction. The most common among all the given products and services is food. Everywhere, there are food establishments that satisfy cravings and sustain daily activities, in which manufacturing food, FOG (fat, oils, grease) materialize. This is because of the fact that vegetable and animal fats are used in production of food. Since not every ounce of animal and vegetable fat is used in making food, the rest of these substances are released as by-products. The grease materials are disposed of into drains and go straight into a special receptacle called the grease trap. Then facilities can use municipal grease trap elimination, to get rid of the excess FOG.

The grease trap is part of the grease or pretreatment ordinance that is being implemented in every municipality. The ordinance mandates the food establishment owners to have a grease interceptor or a grease trap installed to handle all the FOG and solid wastes before the effluent leaves the vicinity. It has to be regularly inspected and cleaned up as well. According to the ordinance, pumping out the grease trap has to be at least four times every year. Some food companies make sure that they have their grease traps pumped out every month but others have theirs cleaned up every week.

Municipal grease trap elimination is a very important task to perform on a regular basis so that the FOG crisis can be alleviated. The United States is presently experiencing an environmental crisis that involves an overwhelming amount of FOG in the wastewater treatment system. The FOG causes severe blockage in the sewer pipes. This makes the wastewater back up in to the food establishments and onto the surrounding environment. When this happens, health and environmental problems occur. Municipal grease trap elimination really has to be efficiently performed to save a lot of effort and money trying to correct the damages done by the FOG overflow.

Damages of FOG overflow involve health, property, and environment. These three important components are very much affected by even the mildest case of wastewater backup. Health problems such as respiratory and skin infections arise from being exposed to wastewater. People with compromised immune systems are at the highest risk of acquiring such conditions. Property damage is evident when saturated with untreated effluent. Environmental problems like eutrophication and water pollution overwhelm the aquatic systems. Clean water is also most likely to be contaminated during FOG overflow.

Caustics, acids, bases, solvents, and enzymes are often used for municipal grease trap elimination. These compounds are not encouraged because they only make things worse. They only emulsify the FOG, making it easier to combine with the wastewater. When the FOG reaches the pipes, it cools down and solidifies, clogging the wastewater’s pathway. The wastewater then backs up into the food establishment and into the surrounding systems.

Investing on the right aide in municipal grease trap elimination should be something to think about very carefully. The product should be worth every cent that’s paid. The most effective product would be bacterial additives. Bacteria are naturally-occurring microorganisms that have no chemical discharges to pollute the environment with. They even get rid of all the unpleasant odors in the grease trap. Either bioaugmentation or bioremediation can be used in municipal grease trap elimination. In bioaugmentation, a selected strain of bacteria is used in digesting the FOG and other contaminants in the trap. Bioremediation is a process that uses non-pathogenic bacteria in transforming the FOG into less harmful substances.

The FOG crisis is an issue that has to be dealt with strategically. It is indeed getting worse in some places but it is never too late to do something to change the situation. Everyone in the municipality should get involved in the effort to correct the mistakes that affect people on a massive scale. With the proper maintenance and municipal grease trap elimination, the grease trap will be able to serve the establishment or facility much longer. We hope this article helped the reader to better understand municipal grease trap elimination.