Will Baking Soda Clean Septic Tanks?

If you own a septic tank system, you may have thought of different treatments for your septic system. Lets look at one of them. Baking Soda, “will baking soda clean septic tanks?  The answer is actually yes, this will go a long way in helping to maintain a healthy and effective septic tank system the truth of the matter, is that this can actually be a very beneficial item to use in your tank. Just a cup of this flushed down the toilet will have a remarkable effect on the overall processing power of the septic tank system. This has a lot more power than what a person might think was even possible.

One of the best points why this has been proven to be effective in the treatment of a septic tank is because often this helps to sort out the PH balance that is in many of these systems. This balance is important to be perfect to make sure that the tank is processing the waste in an effective manner. This is often looked at as one of the more powerful benefits that come for just a cup of this being dumped down the toilet once every two weeks. There is a bit of caution that needs to be exercised in the fact that a person might get over zealous in this and actually do more damage than they would good.

It is possible that over doing this can alter the levels in a very negative way. The adage that a little is good and a lot is better does not apply to this particular situation. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of harm that is able to be done and subsequently this will lead to a service professional having to come out and look at the system. This often is a very costly trip for a person to have made.

Another advantage is that this often helps in keeping the smell down in the overall process of dealing with a septic tank. Any person that has owned one of these will tell you that this is a horrible item to have in your yard, as this tends to give off an odor if not taking care of in a proper manner. These are just a few of the details that need to be kept in mind when it is a matter of getting the best cleaning results from a septic tank. These are able to be managed in an effective manner with just a simple cup of baking soda twice a month flushed down the system.

While baking soda in itself will not rejuvenate a failed or failing system, it will help somewhat with odors and can help balance out the ph levels of you effluent. Proper ph is required so as to allow maximum bacteria colonies to exist and digest. Adding a cup every few weeks for just a month or so is about as much as you will want to add without negating the potentially beneficial affects the baking soda might bring.