How to aerate a raised mound

You gasped for air when you woke up. You had another dream. Your mother frantically rushed into your room to see if you were okay. She said that you screamed again. You told her that you had the same dream again. It was a very vivid dream. You were having ice cream with your friends on the second level terrace and then you decided to get some more. When you started to go down the stairs, you started to smell something foul. Then you saw raw sewage slowly rising up the stairs. It was totally disgusting and when it reached the second level of your house, you told your friends to get a raft but the sewage rose even faster. When the sewage touched your foot, it was then that you screamed. For some reason this dream keeps haunting you. You know that the septic expert told you to do something. What was it? How to aerate a raised mound?

You were always known as a very clean young woman. The contents of your bag were always composed of hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and spray-on ethyl alcohol. You also had complete vitamin supplements that strengthened your immune system because you knew that the school is one of the most common places to catch all kinds of viral and bacterial diseases. “Clean freak” was your nickname at home but you didn’t mind. You knew that it was for you and your family’s benefit if you continued to be clean. When you went out to public places to eat, you always had the ritual of making everyone rub hand sanitizer first on their hands before you all ate. Cleanliness is the most practical way of avoiding diseases. You knew you had to continue this and you just had to make sure that the repetitive, vivid dream of yours didn’t come true anytime soon.

The next day, you work early because you and your sister were supposed to go out with friends. When you stepped into the bathroom downstairs, you screamed (much like the way you screamed in your dream). You told yourself that your dream was coming true. Your house was slowly being engulfed by sewage! Your father saw what happened and he suggested that you used the bathroom upstairs instead. He also called the septic expert to finally aerate your raised mound. Your mother gave your dad an I-told-you-so look. She said that the procedure was suggested by the septic expert a couple of years ago but he declined because he didn’t see how important it was. Your mother said that you didn’t have to worry and just enjoy your day with your friends at the mall. But you said that you could just text them that you would be late because you wanted to see how the aeration process would save your raised mound.

The septic expert suggested the four-chamber ATU (aerobic treatment unit) design how to aerate a sand mound. Here is the procedure on how to aerate a raised mound through the four-chamber ATU:

1. The septic expert pumps out the raised mound.

2. The ATU is connected to an electrical source.

3. The wastewater enters the aerobic sewage receiver that serves as the collecting vessel.

4. The aerobic treatment unit aerobic chamber pumps the oxygen through the wastewater.

5. The aerobic septic effluent settling chamber is the clarifying chamber that allows what’s left of the solid wastes to separate from the wastewater. This is where the wastewater id disinfected.

6. The aerobic septic effluent pumping chamber receives the effluent that is already treated. This is where the effluent is dispersed into the soil absorption system.

Your dad told you that aeration of the raised mound will make the raised mound system more efficient because the aerobic bacteria will be stimulated and increased. How to aerate a sand mound was the big question. The septic expert said that in a few weeks, you would be able to have an improved raised mound system. Sure enough, there weren’t clogs and backups after the aeration system was installed. When your raised mound didn’t act up anymore, bad sewage dreams never haunted you again.