Are septic system aerators beneficial?

Skepticism has always been your forte. You have always wanted to see before you believe. The evidence always has to come first and compel you to establish that a certain method or object can be beneficial or not. One of the latest concerns that you wanted to confirm, are septic system aerators beneficial? Your neighbors and colleagues have always bragged about how the septic system aerators brought great change to their septic system. According to them, their septic anxieties were substantially decreased when they started to have septic system aerators do their job.

With all the feedback that you have been getting, you decided to try it out on your own septic system. Since your system’s scheduled treatment was coming, you decided to ask your septic expert about it. He told you that you could add the septic system aeration with your monthly septic system treatment. This was the perfect opportunity for you to finally establish whether septic system aerators are beneficial to a household and to the surrounding environment.

It was your turn to have two weeks off in the lab. Everything was well-taken care of. You have dealt with the various specimens handed to you. Your reports and recommendations were all done and submitted so you didn’t have a heavy heart when you started your two-week break. The septic expert was scheduled to arrive after two days to administer the monthly septic treatment. Since you had two days before your planned observation of the septic system aeration took place, you decided to spend some quality time with your son at the lake. You both decided to leave very early and spend a night and two days there. You had your camping gear so sleeping arrangements was not an issue at all. You were able to catch ten fat salmons that you brought home with pride.

Your wife cleaned them up and stashed them in the freezer as always. You helped her pack them and finished just in time. The septic expert arrived with all his equipment. After cleaning the septic system, he set up the septic aerators. Then the process of septic aeration was started. After a while, the septic expert said that the additional oxygen will activate the aerobic bacteria in the septic system. These bacteria will then aggressively target and degrade the solid waste materials in the waste water. The effluent will be more purified before it gets dispersed into the surrounding environment. Because you were in a good mood that day and really positive in the septic system aeration, you decided to give your septic expert one of the fattest salmons that you and your son caught. The septic expert was a thin man so he definitely needed the Omega 3 fatty acids.

It took months before your affirmation of the septic system aerator’s benefits was established. But the process really gave a lot of good to your wastewater treatment system. Minor clogs and backups didn’t happen anymore as compared before, when you didn’t have your septic system aerated. The additional oxygen made the resident bacteria more invigorated and more efficient in breaking down solid wastes and purifying the effluent. Oxygen has always encouraged all forms of life to proliferate. You should know this because you have always dealt with life even in it microscopic form in the laboratory.

After a couple of years, you have already joined the bandwagon of homeowners who really agree that septic system aerators are beneficial. As a father, you really want to see to it that your family remains healthy and safe from any form of hazard and septic system aerators are excellent means to make this happen.