Modern Septic System Odor Control Methods

Septic tank smells and odor problems have been plaguing homeowners since the creation of septic systems and their use as an onsite waste water treatment plants. Originally, septic systems consisted of little more than a hole in the ground that was replaced by another hole in the ground when the first pit became full. These systems were poorly constructed and typically produced strong septic odors along with dangerous bacteria. … Read more

Cost to Replace a Septic Tank

One of the largest purchases you make aside from your home may very well be your septic tank system. Septic system replacement costs have steadily increased over the last 20 years leaving many homeowners wondering how they are going to pay the bills after receiving their install or replacement quote. How much does it cost to replace a septic tank? In areas such as California, New York, … Read more

Difference Between a Drain Field and Leach Field

As a septic expert I hear from customers all of the time… My drain field isn’t working.. Then I respond to them that their leach field isn’t draining. Then they sometimes respond, I don’t have a leach field, I have a drain field. So then they may ask me what is the difference between a drain field and leach field? I will tell them that there isn’t any … Read more

Outdoor Septic Problems and Odors

Outdoor septic problems and odors can ruin a wonderful day and can seriously tarnish the relationships you have with even the friendliest neighbors. The following covers the most common causes of outdoor septic problems and will assist you in detecting early trouble signs. Its is estimated that 5 to 7 percent of all septic systems in the United States fail each year due to a bio mat accumulation and … Read more

Septic Problems

Since most all septic systems experience problems over time, knowing how to eliminate such septic problems will help save you time and money in the long run. Here you will find a brief breakdown of many of the current treatment options and how they might assist in fixing your septic problems. The most popular treatment used for almost all septic problems would be bacteria and enzyme based products. Bacteria … Read more

School grease trap enzymes

School grease trap enzymes and bacteria. What do they do and how can they help us? What happens to a hamburger when it’s eaten? What is its fate when someone finishes it? Well, scientifically speaking, the hamburger ultimately becomes part of the body. The same goes with any type of food ingested. But how does this happen? The process of digestion takes over the entire process of eating. This … Read more