How to get rid of septic system bio-mat buildup

So, you find out that you have bio-mat and your helpful septic expert informs you that you need to either replace the entire system, or, try a septic tank treatment to help break that muck up and get the system flowing again. The septic expert said that he could immediately take care of the issue since he was convinced that the black thick sludge was the culprit. He explained that all systems develop bio-mat accumulation and getting rid of it might not be an easy task, but he would give it a shot.

Septic systems form a bio-mat as age sets in and this black, tar-like substance can wreak havoc on your system. If your septic professional runs into trouble getting rid of the bio-mat, here are a few things you can try to free up the blockage.

1) Treat the system with a bacterial septic shock treatment directly into the septic system. This involves the dispersal of good non-pathogenic bacteria into the septic system to lower the population of the bio-mat. The bacterial treatment will also eliminate the effects brought about by anti-bacterial detergents and cleaners.

2) Use less water. Lessening your water consumption also decreases the water load of the septic system, which allows the anaerobic bacteria to degrade the solid waste materials properly. This also avoids the stirring up of the intact solid waste materials and prevents them from getting into the surrounding soil absorption system, therefore lowering the possibility of bio-mat formation.

3) Keep maintenance and treatment schedules. If you do, bio-mat accumulation, clogging, backing up, and septic system failure will be prevented.

4) Eliminate anti-bacterial soaps. Strive to become more ‘Green’ in your daily routine and don’t overuse your dishwasher.

5) Switch to paper and plastic for a while. This will cut down on the grease and will also reduce water use.

4) Lastly, septic system replacement. This is considered as the last means to eradicate the thickened bio-mat in the drain field. This involves digging up the drain field and the septic tank as well. This is the most expensive way to completely remove the bio-mat form your septic system. It is the most effective way to reset the system and start a new, clog-free wastewater treatment for your home.

Getting rid of septic system bio-mat buildup and eliminating the bio-mat that tends to rule over your septic system can be one of the most difficult procedures you will ever have to deal with since each system is unique and opening up a clogged system can take some time. Try not to abuse water or chemicals and you will at least give your system a fair chance of staying healthy and bio-mat free for a very, very long time. There are many septic tank treatment reviews online. Check some of these reviews out and select a product that might work best for your situation.