Septic enzymes

Most people do not realize the importance of the bacteria and  septic enzymes that are present in their septic. These components are the very foundation of the system operation and must be kept at the necessary level that the system needs, lest the entire waste processing operation will be in danger of breaking down. There are a lot of things that one can do to help ensure that these components are kept at the levels that they need to be. There is a wide variety of things that can cause issues to arise with these components of the septic process the most common of these is the introduction of things to the system which are not healthy for the bacteria and enzymes.

First, it is imperative that things not be introduced to the system that could damage this fragile eco-system. This means directing the flow from laundry washing to a dry well, so that bleach and detergents are not introduced to the septic system. You should also direct the flow from any automatic dishwashers to the dry well as well.

It’s important not to use anti-bacterial hand soap  if you have a septic system. These products help keep you healthy by killing the bacteria on your skin that can potentially make you sick. The problem is that they do not know the difference between those bacteria and the bacteria in your septic system which they can also kill. You should also make sure that any cleaning products that you use are labeled “safe for septic systems.

Make sure that you are adding a probiotic to your system at least once a month to help boost the colonies of bacteria and increase enzymatic activity in the tank. These Bacteria and enzymes, once damaged or destroyed can take as long as six months to reach healthy levels again and get the system back to operating at peak efficiency. Over the course of this time, the tank may become clogged with unprocessed waste and lead to the need for the system to be completely pumped out.

The result of this effort will be to keep the wide variety of bacteria and enzymes in the septic tank and the drain field at the levels that they need to be at to effectively do their job. Once you start having problems with the septic enzymes and bacteria it can be an uphill battle to get the situation under control. Taking the time to keep your septic eco-system “healthy” ,will help to ensure that it flow smoothly at all times and provide reliable and efficient service to your home.