Leaking Cesspool Help

One problem that many homeowners really do not want to deal with would be the issue of a leaking cesspool. There are a number of causes for this and any one of them can be more than enough to cause you a lot of time and cost in getting them repaired. The best way to understand why things that can go wrong with a cesspool is to understand the way that a cesspool works and how it can be affected by a number of different aspects. The failure of a cesspool is not something that a person will want to understand and deal with on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at a few of the causes of these issues and how to effectively take care of these issues.

A lot of times a cesspool can become damaged by having something heavy run over it. For example it you had a truck delivery and it happened to drive on top of your cesspool then it could crush the lid of your cesspool, crush the lines or just plain compact the soil absorption area around your cesspool. If damage was to happen to your cesspool then it may not drain properly and cause it to leak out thru the lid. With that being said make sure to not have anything heavy go over your septic cesspool.

Covers or lids seem to be one of the largest issues that people experience when in the process of finding an issue with a cesspool. There are a lot of people that see this as being a minor issue and they really do not worry about the replacement until it becomes too late. The effects of a damaged cover can affect a cesspool in a negative manner even with minor damage being done to the area. Make sure that you keep an eye on these and take the needed time to ensure that you are keeping your cover in the best shape possible. Loose or damaged covers can allow gases  and heat to escape. These gases are toxic and can make you, your family, neighbors and pets very sick. Repair any issues with the lid or cover immediately.  If the heat escapes from your pit it may make it harder for the resident bacteria to perform. As the water cools down, the bacteria will naturally slow down their eating habits, causing more impurities to flow out into the field.

If you have a garbage disposal, its use will increase the amount of solid waste that will be introduced to the system. The more that you are using this, then the more solid matter that will be flushed down the system, this can accumulate and cause some serious issues for a cesspool owner. The best piece of advice is to simply reduce the amount of waste that is introduced to the system and make sure that you are not placing any excess stress on the system.

All of these can be massive issues that if left untreated will lead to massive cesspool leaking being an issue. It is advised that you take a little time and review these rules to help you determine the exact cause of your issues.