Septic Cleaner and what does it mean?

I bet no one has told you about Septic cleaner and what does it mean?  Septic cleaner should be on the mind of any homeowner searching for a natural way to extend the life of a septic system and reduce pumpouts. Every homeowner that owns a septic system should be using a septic cleaner. There are over 20 million septic systems in the country today and the number is raising everyday as potential homeowners move further from the metropolitan areas into the suburban and surrounding rural areas. These areas are far too often not equipped with city sewer and water service. Fresh water wells and septic tanks with drain fields are the normal recommendations by municipalities governing these areas.

The best Septic cleaner is the key to maintaining a septic system. Good septic cleaners are becoming more and more popular with homeowners attempting to maintain their septic system against bio-mat build up caused by antibacterial hand soaps, toxic cleaners and chemicals are responsible for the depletion of beneficial bacteria septic systems.

A good Septic cleaner will consisting of beneficial bacteria that when used as a monthly maintenance treatment can extend the life of a septic system for decades, a strong septic cleaner can prevent solid waste build up that will eventually lead to a bio-mat buildup clogging the drain field and lateral lines.

When should a septic cleaner additive be used in a septic system? Septic cleaner additives should be used on a monthly basis in an attempt to minimize bio-mat accumulation. Septic cleaner additives can also be added to a septic system when strong septic odors or sewer smells become evident. Septic odors and sewer smells are all indicative of a failing system and should be addressed and treated immediately. Septic cleaners can also be used in a sewer environment digesting sewer odors, sewer smells, fats, oils and greases that over time will accumulate clogging lateral sewer lines.

When shopping for the perfect septic cleaner it is wise to do your homework. Look up the company and ensure they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Search the web and Google for reviews on any company that you may be considering. Make sure they are in excellent standing and have a good customer service track record. Make sure that all complaints made against the company were successfully resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Good customer service will go a long way if you have problems with a product or the shipment.

When shopping for the best septic cleaner make sure to compare the bacterial counts. There are several biological companies offering a wide range of bacteria blends and septic cleaners. The key to the best septic cleaner is based on the best bacterial blend and highest bacterial count. It goes full circle, always back to the comparison of companies, history of customer service and how the company deals with complaints.

When choosing a product, do the research. Take a few extra minutes and compare customer service and product effectiveness of all products. With a little due diligence, you will be able to successfully choose the best septic cleaner.