What causes sand mound smells?

As a sand mound septic system owner, you should be familiar with its design, mechanism, and maintenance. It is chosen by many homeowners because it is supposedly operates free of trouble. Just make sure that you have the correct understanding and take a common sense approach when dealing with a sand mound system.

Also known as the raised mound system, the sand mound is comprised of perforated pipelines similar to those in a leach field system. These lines make it possible for the fluids to leave the tank and then move downwards out to the surrounding soil. Here, enzymes and bacteria digest the waste products. The following are some of the causes of sand mound smells that you may want to consider.

1. Like all other systems, bacteria play the main role in the sand mound system. If the bacterial population is suppressed or eliminated, then the digestion of the solid wastes will be incomplete. This results in an increased level of sand mound smells. The excess gases go beyond the pressure level inside the sand mound and are therefore lifted up to seep out into your yard and into your home.

2. Another possible cause is the failure of the sand mound system itself. This can be caused by poor construction or design, excessive use of water, and the clogging of the system. Not only will there be smells from the sand mound system but also the wastewater backing up to the surface.

It is only natural for the sand mound system to release odors and smell on occasion. You should pay special attention to any lingering septic smells and treat the underlying cause immediately. If you are not that alarmed at the gravity of your sand mound’s problem, then just help the smells naturally go away with bacteria additives and make the sand mound system run more efficiently. You can do this by conserving water. You could avoid long showers, heavy laundry in one day, checking possible leaks, and using bacteria-friendly household cleaning products. There are many of these products that are out in the market already. You just have to keep your eyes open for them and do the research.

Bottom line is that your sand mound system is a living organism as a whole. Think of it as a household pet that works for you. You should always make sure that you give it proper attention and care at all times. There are septic products in the market that are very beneficial to the bacteria and your sand mound systems. You could add them to your system to enhance the efficiency of the existing bacterial population in breaking down the solid wastes. Adding more bacteria into your sand mound system will also help you regain the bacteria lost through years of irresponsible usage of household cleaning products that are very harsh to the beneficial bacteria naturally found in the septic system.

If you help increase the bacteria in your sand mound system, you will dramatically lessen the amount of odors that come out to the surface. Treat the system on a regular basis and limit the cause of sand mound smells. Consider consulting a professional septic service man to help you to assess and treat the problems that cause the sand mound odors. Do this so that you may have a complete idea of what the source of the sand mound smell is. If treated properly, you will be able to have a smooth-working sand mound system for years to come.