Sand mound enzymes

When the property owner is advised that he will be required to install a sand mound system instead of a conventional, underground septic system, things get a little more complicated. Typically, conventional septic tanks have been a victim of neglect. The sand mound is installed because of the high water table that the property has to contend with will not allow a conventional underground system. This is a wastewater treatment system that is elevated above ground or found above the surface of the soil. A special construction fabric is used to cover the sand mound before the thin top soil is placed over it. The construction fabric keeps the heat inside the sand mound system to make the system function smoothly. It will require to be inspected regularly especially before the cold season because if the construction fabric is deteriorated by the start of winter, the sand mound will freeze over and eventually fail possibly killing off beneficial sand mound enzymes. This extra effort for the sand mound system can be very taxing for the homeowner but it should be done to maintain the smooth running system and to assure a safe and healthy home in every kind of weather.

Taking care of the sand mound takes vigilance and prudence. You have to be very careful in choosing the right sand mound enzyme treatment that is available in the market today. Many manufacturers grab the opportunity to prey on desperate homeowners who want instant results for their sand mound. These homeowners also want to reduce or even avoid the regular pump outs of their sand mounds and that is why they purchase the sand mound enzyme products immediately even if the promises are exaggerated. These homeowners completely perceive the sand mounds additives as the panacea for their sand mound systems and do not bother to adhere to the usual maintenance anymore.

There are three main groups of cesspit additives—organic, inorganic, and biological. Organic additives are where yeast and baking soda are classified. Baking soda is said to improve the living conditions of the resident bacteria because it lowers the acidity. As you know, bacteria thrive better in non-acidic environment. But prolonged usage of this type of bacterial enzyme additive is said to eventually affect the efficiency of the bacteria’s performance. Inorganic additives are the very strong acids and alkaline that usually corrodes the physical components of the sand mound and kills the resident bacteria. They are still used in various treatments but are not recommended because of their destructive effects. The most ideal sand mound additive is the biological type. Biological additives are composed of non-pathogenic, cultured bacteria and enzymes. The added bacteria and enzymes greatly improve the bacteria’s breakdown of the solid waste materials. Biological additives do not leave chemical discharges in the surrounding environment so it is completely safe to use.

The effects of sand mound enzymes do not convince some experts that they really do amp up the conditions of these systems. They believe that it isn’t even necessary to use sand mound enzymes at all. Sufficient studies have proven that human wastes are more than enough to supply the necessary enzymes for the improvement of the sand mound decomposition. The only thing that the homeowner should do is to pump out the san mound tank on a regular basis so that clogging, backing up, and system failure will not happen. But it is still up to you the homeowner to choose a good sand mound enzyme.

Just make sure that you help the sand mound enzymes in improving your system. It isn’t enough that you use these additives and pump out the tank as scheduled. You and the rest of your household should exert effort in prolonging the lifespan of your sand mound. Sand mound enzymes are only assistants for a smooth-running sand mound system. It is not the magical pill that every homeowner wishes for to take away their sand mound’s problems.
It is better for you to consult your septic expert when it comes to using sand mound additives so that they may be used properly. These professionals know which kind is most beneficial to your system so better entrust your sand mound to knowledgeable and capable hands.