Planting over your leach field

You have to be very careful when planting over your leach field. On one hand you can make the area look beautiful. On the other hand you could cause serious issues for your property. There are so many different plant varieties that can be effectively used in the field. The plants can help in the absorption of excess water and nutrients that are present in the soil near the drain pipes. The pipes are used to distribute the excess water content in the septic tanks to a large area of land. This will enable the water content to get cleaned and evaporated. The organic components will get deposited in the soil and this will make it a fertile land over the time. If you are planting over your drain area, these organic components can be taken by the plants. This will create a cycle that helps in a complete rotation of components in the nature.

The depth range of the pipe in the drain field will be from 6 inches to 46 inches. The depth will be determined by considering so many other factors like that of the climatic conditions, type of soil and the capacity of the soil to absorb the water. The plants that are selected should be having a soft root system. The presence of hard and aggressive roots can easily penetrate the drain pipes and can cause damage to the entire system. A thick coating of grass is considered as the best option in this area. The grass has all the specific requirements that a plant should have to be used in the drain field. You can also use other types of plants and shrubs that are having shallow roots. Another specialty of the shallow roots is that the number of root fibers will be very high. This will increase the amount of water and organic components that can be taken from the soil. To put it scientifically, the total surface areas of the roots will increase with the increase in the number of root fibers. The amount of total surface area is directly proportional to the amount of materials it can absorb from the soil.

There are companies that are in the field of landscaping the drain field. The number of these types of companies has increased in the recent years. This is a specific indicator of the popularity this process has received in those past years. These companies have experts in this field and they will be able to prescribe the best plants that can be used in the drain area. The last thing you want to do is plant plants with invasive root systems over your drain field. It can and will cause serious problems for you down the road. By being smart about planting over your leach field, you may be able to enjoy your property that much more.