How do drain fields Work?

Even though all the people are aware of the presence of a drain field, a good percentage of the people are unaware about how do drain fields work? In order to understand the proper function of a drain field, it is important to know about the function of the entire septic system. Therefore, the initial step is to know about the structure of a septic system. The whole system consists of pipelines, a septic tank and the drain field. The sources of the wastewater in the building, such as the showers, toilets and the sinks will be connected to the septic tank through pipelines. These pipelines serve as the connectors between the septic tank and the sources. The wastewater from the house is directed to the septic tank through pipelines.

The septic tank will have an inlet and an outlet line. The waste from the sources comes in to the septic tank through the inlet and the outlet will be connected to the drain field. The outlet to the drain field will be having a filtering device called a baffle. The baffle will prevent the solid waste particles from passing on to the drain field. The water will then flow to the drain field. A drain field is a very important component of a septic system. It is an extension of the septic tank that helps in the proper disposal of wastewater from the tank. How do drain fields work though? The waste water will flow through a series of pipes under the ground. The pipes have small holes all over the bottom and sides of the pipes. The holes will allow water to drain from the system into the drain field. Around the pipes, is gravel stone. The stone acts as a buffer, to not allow dirt into the piping. Usually the drain field is best located in an open area, which will get a lot of sunshine. The presence of a properly installed drain field is very important in the proper functionality of the septic system. It will also help in prolonging the life of the septic system. The drain field is a large area that will spread the water from the septic tank to the soil surrounding the pipe.