Fixing and preventing sand mound wet spots

Giant sand mound

Having a sand mound drainage system is not like having a traditional leaching field. You have to take special care of it, or else it can start to experience issues. Since it is known to be a very complicated wastewater treatment system, you should pay close attention to any warning signs it may present. One such warning sign is wet spots on your sand mound. If you … Read more

How long do drain fields last?

Drainfields have a limited lifespan

The biggest question I get as a septic system professional is how long do drain fields last? The usual focus of septic systems is the septic tank. There is a big reason for this because the septic tank is the receptacle for the wastewater that the household produces. It is the first step to the entire wastewater treatment. Here, the anaerobic bacteria do all the hard work … Read more

School grease trap cleaner

Everyday in life people learn new things. Learning is a never ending process. Just because someone graduates from school doesn’t mean you stop learning all together. You may not be learning from school text books anymore. Before you get your real world experience, you would attend some sort of schooling whether it be public or private. In those establishments you will gain the knowledge to move forward … Read more

Government housing grease trap treatment

One common goal of most Americans would be to have a place to call their own. To achieve this goal you have to be hard working and dedicated to accomplish this task. Sometimes this can be very difficult to do on your own. Luckily, our government has provided a way to get affordable housing, whether it be an apartment or a house. Just like a traditional home … Read more

Government housing grease reduction

Fats, oils and grease are common issues when dealing with everyday life. A good example to this statement is the human body. If the person eats a lot of fatty, salty, and sweet foods, the kidneys shut down, the liver gets tired, and the cardiovascular system malfunction. Medical conditions like diabetes, coronary heart disease, and fatty liver will all be experienced. If the individual works more than rests, … Read more

How to landscape around septic systems

Some people think that owning a home is a hands free, self-maintenance kind of thing. It is not, Actually owning your own home is very different from renting. When you rent a home, you use everything and then let the owner deal with your mess, property issues, and foul ups as you use the property. In homeownership, you need to take great care of all of your property, whether it … Read more

Retirement home grease trap treatment

Deciding where to spend your golden years is a daunting task. Should you live in a house, an apartment, with family, or maybe even an adult community or home? Sometimes living in an adult group home or complex is unavoidable. The positive thing about group homes would be that they are regulated and monitored so that the individuals that live there will be comfortable in s stress … Read more

How can French drains help your septic systems

Homeowners usually have issues to deal with when it comes to maintaining their properties. They have several aspects to consider so that their investment won’t go down the hatch. It is imperative that they resolve any problem that may arise as they spend their time in their homes. One of the most common complaints that homeowners have is the excessive water that their property accumulates. There are … Read more

Chemicals used to keep roots away from cesspools.

Homeowners are pressured by the fact that they have to pay for their mortgage and maintain their homes at the same time. It isn’t as simple as renting a space where you depend on your landlord to make the necessary repairs. This time, when something goes wrong, you would have to step in and set things right especially when it involves your cesspool. As you know, your … Read more