Retirement home grease trap treatment

Deciding where to spend your golden years is a daunting task. Should you live in a house, an apartment, with family, or maybe even an adult community or home? Sometimes living in an adult group home or complex is unavoidable. The positive thing about group homes would be that they are regulated and monitored so that the individuals that live there will be comfortable in s stress free environment. There usually is a staff present at all times to manage the needs of the retirees. Whether the needs of the residents are activities or just facility management, everything is taken care of for you. Such as taking care of the Retirement home grease trap treatment.

It’s an uplifting realization when there are people who strive to care for those who don’t have anyone by their side. Retirement homes today have additional features that aim to make well-rounded individuals out of the retirees that they have with them. There are sports amenities, hobby workshops, and field trips that enable them to connect with one another and with other people outside the facility. But the most important component of retirement homes is food. Together with the medical care given to the retirees, retirement home kitchens are always busy preparing the right kind of food for their patients. It is a fact that most of the retirees have already developed medical conditions that require special diets. With the help of knowledgeable dietitians and cooks, meals are always at a ready.

Because of the regular production of food and provision of medications, retirement homes have become one of the biggest contributors to the FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis in the United States. FOG is found in all food items produced. It is the one thing that is very harmful to the wastewater treatment facilities. When there is FOG overflow, the sewer pipes get filled with FOG. Its inner walls accumulate FOG and eventually the wastewater gets completely blocked from reaching the wastewater treatment plant. It backs up into the retirement home and its surrounding environment. Contamination and pollution occur. Even the clean water supply is left unsafe to drink.

To help the FOG crisis situation, the federal government formulated the grease ordinance. This is strictly implemented in very state all over the US. It aims to protect the effluent treatment system. The ordinance requires the owners of retirement homes to install properly sized grease traps within their premises. These traps should have permits so that it may be easier for the City Sewer Department to conduct inspections regularly. They are also required to maintain the traps regularly. Retirement homes should not have issues with FOG overflow because retirees have compromised or weakened immune systems. They are at risk of contracting diseases from the pathogens that could reach their area of residence.

With the grease ordinance, regular inspection and maintenance are performed on the retirement home grease traps. Retirement home grease trap treatment should be done with the help of reliable additives. There are chemicals and enzymes in the market today that promise to completely wipe out the FOG in the grease trap. But they only emulsify it and allow it to mix into the untreated effluent. These substances just aggravate the situation.

Bacteria are the only microorganisms that could completely remove the FOG, solid wastes, and foul odors from the grease trap. Retirement home grease trap treatment would be very effective when bacteria are used. Unlike chemicals and enzymes, bacteria consume FOG. They break down FOG and other contaminants in the grease trap to help fuel their growth and reproduction. Bacteria also act fast. The grease trap is left without contaminants and odor by the end of the retirement home grease trap treatment. With the help of the bacteria treatment, the grease trap will function more effectively and will last even longer.

Retirement home grease trap treatment should be done regularly to achieve maximum results. Truly, retirement will be a lot more pleasant without effluent backups brought about by FOG overflows. With bacteria caring for the grease trap, retiring will be one smooth ride.