When Buying a New Home, Don’t Forget Your Septic Inspection

Being a realtor, you have always enjoyed going out and shopping for houses. It gave you the opportunity to choose from a vast collection of properties that appeal to you. When looking into a new property on the market. No.. When buying a new home, don’t forget your septic inspection. That was the advise given to you from your boss. You should know better than to just sign the house’s paperwork and not know what you’re getting.

The moment that you decide to buy a house, make sure that the septic tank is functional and in optimal condition. It should be one of the main concerns that you should raise while checking out the property. Most people usually assume that the home inspectors are the ones responsible for the septic inspection. The septic tank is buried so the home inspectors don’t normally have access to it. The one who should do the septic inspection is an expert who has been trained and is specialized to do this task. Even if the home inspector does check your septic tank, he wouldn’t have the necessary tools to correct the problem. The septic inspector will know what to do once the septic cover is removed. The septic system environment is a health hazard to work in and only they should work there considering the training that they receive.

Remember that a well-built and installed septic system will be of service for many years if proper maintenance is done. You should get all the information about your prospective home. Do not be afraid to ask the necessary questions. In checking the home that you want to buy, pay attention to the following details so that you may be properly guided in getting the perfect home with the perfect septic system.

  1. Air around the septic area should not smell of rotten eggs
  2. The ground should not be soggy  or pooling should not be present
  3. There should be green grass on the leach field
  4. Drains should not be slow or clogged up
  5. The septic tank should have been checked in the past twelve months
  6. The septic tank should have been pumped 3 or 5 years ago

If you do encounter or discover any problems with your potential home’s septic system, then you should ask the environmental officer in your area for practical advice. Better yet, call the local septic expert so that they could immediately deal with and correct the problem if they see one.

There may be a time when you would want to inspect the septic system yourself. It is not that complicated anyway and you could just do it in twenty minutes. Just be prepared by taking note of the toxic fumes. Leaving the lid open for a while before approaching it. Do not smoke in or around the area of an open septic tank. When doing the inspection, never do it alone. Remember to always wear gloves, goggles and to wash your hands immediately after your done. Start by carefully opening the inspection cover with a screwdriver. Then check the level of fluid. It should not be higher than the outlet pipe. Next, check if the effluent filter is working well or unclogged. If there is a clog, rinse it with water. If this doesn’t work, just replace the filter cartridge. Check the area of the absorption trenches. It should not be soggy or smelly, which are indications of an exhausted trench. Don’t forget to check all the toilets and drains in the house. They should work properly. Slow drains are indications of clogs or exhausted trenches. Supplement your personal inspection with a consultation with a plumbing specialist.