Leaking Leach Field

Leach fields of your septic tank should always be clear of roots and bio-mat to drain properly. Smooth drainage will prevent the backing up, or leaking of the liquid and solid wastes into your yard or right into your home. It is already known that there are cleaning products that are detrimental to the environment and the same holds true for septic systems since they too have their own environment. If you use methods and products that are environment-friendly, in the long run it will cost you much less than when you use the commercially prepared, synthetic ones. Here are some of the natural substances that will help you clear your leaking leach field.

Ice cream salt remedy

One way of effectively giving your leach field some help is through the use of ice cream salts. Boil a cup of this substance in about 2 cups of water. This will result in a strong salt solution that could dissolve roots near the leach fields. Tree roots are common causes of clogs in the leach fields. You could apply the ice cream salt solution by pouring it in the sinks, toilet, and other drains located in your home every 6 months so that the tree roots will not spread in the leach field.

Copper sulfate

Among the commercially prepared products for cleaning leach fields, copper sulfate is said to be the safest one to use. Just dissolve about a pound of copper sulfate in a cup of water and pour it down your drains. This will kill the roots in the septic tank. The tank’s pipes will then spread it in the surrounding area.

Vinegar and baking soda

When you combine vinegar and baking soda, you will produce a potent foam that could dissolve the solidified wastes in all the drains of your home, that lead to the septic tank.


It is said that applying a yeast culture in the septic system, will help break down solid wastes including sanitary napkins, wet wipes, toilet paper, and feces. These solid wastes should be dissolves because they tend to block the leach field lines resulting to a back up in raw sewage. It is advisable for you to apply the yeast in water about two times a year to maintain the balanced number of bacteria that your septic tank needs. This way, your leach fields remain efficient in digesting the solid wastes.


Of course, nothing can compare to the effectiveness of adding high quality, commercial grade bacteria and enzymes to your system. Additives can quickly restore a leaking system so as to improve permeability and absorption in the clog areas.

You could prevent your leach fields from clogging up by using chemicals that do not kill bacteria that digest the wastes. Try using less water and using environment-friendly household cleaning products. If you use environmentally safe septic chemicals, the bacterial population remains intact. Therefore the digestion of wastes keeps going smoothly. When you use less water, the leach system could unclog at a faster rate. If you use too much water, you forcing against the clog so it cannot be expelled. If you allow your lawn grass to grow very long, the sun cannot penetrate through the leach field soil area. If the grass is kept short, the heat of the sun will be able to hasten the bacteria’s work in unclogging the leach field. As you know, most commercial household cleaning products have harsh chemical compounds that kill the microbial population. Just make sure that you use the environmental friendly ones and avoid using the acidic cleaners so that the bacteria in your septic tank will not be harmed.