Yellow grass over lateral lines

The quest for the perfect property has always been very challenging for you. You have been doing this since you got together with your girlfriend. When you got engaged, the mission became extra hard because it wasn’t only you who had to be happy with the property that you choose. Your future family relies on it as well. You were very particular about the landscaping and the overall design of the house. Even if your fiancé wanted to see how the remodel was going, but you didn’t let her visit. You wanted everything to be a surprise straight after your honeymoon. When you returned from your vacation you realized you had yellow grass over lateral lines in your back yard.

The wedding and the honeymoon took place like straight out of a fairytale. You never thought that it was going to be that beautiful. Being married to both your best friend and greatest lover would be anyone’s dream. It was only proper for you to present a gift that symbolized the stability of your love for her. The house was finally finished. It was an older home that was on a large piece of property that your wife had been eyeing since you got together. It was the most precious thing to both of you so by the time you came back from your honeymoon, all it needed was a huge ribbon. From the airport rental van, you and your wife walked towards your new home.

You lift your wife and carried her over the threshold. She marveled at how you made sure that it was just the way they both liked it. The yard was the one of the highlights of the property. It was filled with your favorite plants and right at in the middle of the yard was a huge box with holes at two of its sides. You had it placed there right before you arrived. Your wife opened it and her dreamy Newfoundland puppy greeted her warmly. You let the puppy play in the yard until you and your wife decided to get inside the house and rest.

Weeks passed by quickly and the three of you immediately considered yourselves settled into your new home. You loved your yard and the last thing that you would want was to have wilted leaves, and dead plants in it. One morning, while your new puppy was playing in the yard with his new toys, you noticed something strange. There was an almost circular patch of yellow grass over where the lateral lines of the drain field were situated.

As you know, the lateral lines are vital parts of your drain field. This is where the pre-treated effluent gets purified and distributed to the surrounding environment. This is where the final phase of the wastewater treatment of your household took place. The drain field contains aerobic bacteria that get rid of the pathogens and contaminants of the effluent. The soil over the lateral lines should be very thin so as to make sure that the oxygen level in it is very high. The more oxygen, the more efficient the aerobic bacteria become in eradicating the pollutants and diseases from the effluent before it is returned into the surrounding environment.

Over the phone, the septic expert instructed you not to water the yellow grass over lateral lines, with the intention of reviving each blade. The added water would prevent the drain field from absorbing the effluent. This would cause a wastewater backup into your home and onto your yard. He also told you not to place more soil onto that area because the thicker the soil layer, the harder for the effluent would take to evaporate and dry out. The soil will be soggy and this would lower its oxygen level. If this happens, the effluent will not be efficiently purified and will just contaminate the environment.

You hung up and left the yellow grass over the lateral lines alone for the time being. It was good to know that there was a visible sign for you to know of the septic system that you had installed was working perfectly. It was another perfect aspect to the start of your ideal marriage and domestic life.