Winter Care for Cesspools

Cesspools are one of the oldest ways of disposing of waste water that is around today. Since the early days of the 1400s, there has been a need for the use of cesspools in helping to dispose of unwanted waste water. There is a lot of care that has to be given to cesspools especially in the winter months. Many people look at these as being able to maintain themselves. They assume that the waste just goes somewhere and is never seen again. The truth is that the cover to these cesspools is one of the largest areas that need to be maintained on a regular basis.

The reason that the cover is so important, is because these often tend to fail and can cause serious injury or even death to a person that walks over one of these not knowing it. A person falling in is one of the more common injuries that are seen and it can simply be resolved by taking a little time to look at the cover and make sure that it is strong enough and that it is not loose and in danger of coming off. If you are not able to do the inspection yourself, then have a professional come out and see what they are able to do in getting this issue fixed.

A little prevention will be just the thing that a person will need to make sure that they put forth in helping to maintain their cesspool in proper working order. The large amount of wastewater will be enough to keep the tank from freezing. It is advised that you avoid any chemicals that promise to never clean your tank again, these can often do a lot more damage to a septic system that they can actual good. The biggest issue tends to be a lack of proper balance in the amount of bacteria that is present in the tank at any given time. Consider the use of a bacterial additive if you find that the system is not operating at peak efficiency during winter. These products can be as easy to use as pouring them into the toilet closest to the end of the house line and flushing it through the system.

This is just a sample of the things that can be done in helping to make sure that a cesspool is ready this winter. This will lead a lot of the owners of these to see the many advantages that come from having a cesspool that is 100 percent ready this winter. This will also help in saving you a load of expense in the way of having to have expensive repairs or a replacement in the middle of the winter months. Any type of sewer repair or maintenance can be almost double in winter, avoid this by taking steps now. Preparation will be your best friend in dealing with this issue and making sure that your system is ready for the upcoming cold weather months.