Symptoms of Lateral Line Problems

Most people tend not to think about their septic system at all. The only time someone would think about it is when they are experiencing an issue with their system. For example, maybe you had a party at your house and then the next day you had water coming up from the yard. Maybe there was a toilet backing up or a strong odor in the house. These are all symptoms of lateral line problems. Lateral line problems you might say. You might think that it would be a tank problem. Let me just get the tank pumped. Getting the tank pumped is usually the first thing that anyone with a septic would do. Lets explain why its usually a lateral line problem.

Lateral line problems in a septic drain field usually appear in the form of wet spots over the drain field. Black bio mat can form in the gravel that surrounds the drain field pushing the untreated sewage water to the top of the drain field creating the wet spots. Raw untreated sewage is toxic to adult’s children and pet. Humans that come in contact with raw sewage can become infected with dangerous bacteria becoming very sick and even death may occur in some cases. The lateral line bio mat accumulates when the ability of the septic tank becomes compromised by lack of bacteria in the tank. This is commonly due to over use of anti bacterial hand soaps, toxic household cleaning products, over use of fresh water do to long showers and excessive laundry use. The coli form bacteria that our body produces die off. As a result the digestion process is affected and solids waste, generated by the home that is usually digested in the septic tank migrate out into the drain field where it will clog the system causing obvious symptoms of lateral line problems to appear.

Here is a list of common symptoms of lateral line problems.

1)  Gurgling toilets in the home.

2)  Slow flushing toilets in the home.

3)  Leaking toilets around the base of the stool.

4)  Wet spots over the septic tank.

5)  Soft or spongy ground over the septic tank and lateral lines.

6)  Strong sewage or septic odors emitting from the outside of the home.

7)  Strong sewage or septic odors emitting from inside of the home.

8)  Foul sewage odors emitting from sinks and drains.

9)  Discolored or lush green grass over the septic tank and lateral lines.

10)It’s been 5 years plus since you have pumped out the system.

If you are in the market to purchase a home, have the septic tank and drain field or cesspit inspected by a professional before you sign the purchase agreement. Be sure there is a clause to the contract making the sale contingent upon the approval of the septic inspection. New septic systems installation or repairs can add up to thousands for new unsuspecting home owners. Take your time and don’t get in a hurry and remember to keep a look out for symptoms of lateral line problems.