Sports Arena grease reduction

Is less is more? Yes, this is cliché but it is very true. When you weigh less, you tend to be healthier. When you practice minimalism, you get less clutter and more space. When you inhale less pollution, you live longer. In sports, when you have less night outs, you perform better. Having that much discipline in your life gives you less worries and more to live for. Man has always been known to want more even if he already has everything. But to achieve more in life, things have to be a little trimmed down especially with the present economy. How does the mantra of less is more relate to Sports Arena grease reduction?

Sports Arenas thrive in the principle of “MORE”. More games mean more spectators. More spectators mean more tickets sold. More tickets sold mean more opportunities for business. More opportunities for business mean more profit. Inside the arena, there are other companies that depend on the flow of sports fans. The major players here are the food establishments. It’s a big deal for refreshments to be present in the Sports Arena. These are what fuel the fans and the players alike. If you have paid to watch a game live, would you leave the venue for a quick snack? Of course, not! You wouldn’t want to miss anything, especially when it involves seeing your favorite team or players.

Because of the readiness of food, Sports Arena kitchens are always very busy. They need to keep the meals flowing. When more food is produced typically more grease is produced. With the production of more grease means a significant addition to the FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis that the United States is facing. FOG is entering the wastewater treatment system at an alarming rate. The FOG causes large amounts of untreated wastewater to backup and flood various establishments and surrounding areas. The grease ordinance now mandates the owners of Sports Arenas to install grease traps within their premises to control the FOG. These grease traps should have permits and should be maintained regularly. The City Sewer Department will inspect the grease trap to make sure that the regulations are followed.

Sports Arena grease trap reduction should be initiated to make sure that FOG overflow doesn’t happen anymore. It’s the arena’s responsibility to keep the FOG production at a low minimum so that they won’t have to face lawsuits or pay hefty fines. Sports Arena grease trap reduction is an effort that should be spearheaded by the arena management and staff. The kitchens inside the Sports Arena are the major contributors to the crisis. It’s only natural for the kitchen department to have the biggest role in minimizing the FOG production. It’s understood that food is made of animal and plant fat.

The by-products will also be made of the same substances. Those who work in the kitchen should collect the grease and solid food waste materials in a vessel that can be sealed tightly and then disposed of properly. The kitchen sinks should be fitted with fine food strainers or meshes so that the FOG and solid wastes will be filtered off even before they have the chance to enter the grease trap. This maintenance practice results to a much lower grease level, which will result to less frequent pumping out sessions.

Another way to reduce the grease is to find potent grease trap cleaners. This is a very tedious endeavor to do especially with all the products that continue to be released into the market. At first sight, the enzymes and chemicals seem to work very efficiently. But they just emulsify the FOG and let it combine with the wastewater.

Within the pipelines, the FOG solidifies once more and sticks to the inner walls until the flow of the untreated effluent is completely blocked from reaching the wastewater treatment plant.
Bacteria are the safest and the quickest helper in Sports Arena grease reduction. They are microorganisms that voraciously consume the FOG and solid wastes in the grease trap. They also eliminate aggressive odors while taking care of the environment. Sports Arena grease reduction can be a regular thing is bacteria are used to do complete the job.