Shopping mall grease trap elimination

This article will cover shopping mall grease trap elimination techniques. Many view the grease trap as an evil necessity. It’s not the most pleasant thing to have in a commercial kitchen but it is mandatory to install. Grease traps are like septic tanks but are devoted to trapping FOG (fats, oils, grease) and other solid food substances. They are also known as grease interceptors. Small food processing establishments have the, inside. But for the large food companies such as those in shopping malls, the grease trap is buried underneath the ground, outside the building. What techniques can be used for shopping mall grease trap elimination?

The US is currently facing a worsening FOG crisis that greatly affects the environment and overall health. One of the culprits being blames is the shopping mall. Aside from the various items that you could buy from shopping malls, there are endless arrays of food everywhere you turn. Food stalls, restaurants, fast food joints, delis, and even fine dining restaurants are all contributors to the FOG overflow addressed to the shopping mall. This results to environmental lawsuits and large fines that have to be faced.

FOG overflow happens when there is poor grease trap maintenance. In shopping malls, there has to be a more efficient method of grease trap care because of so many food establishments that have their businesses there. Shopping mall grease trap elimination is a necessary practice that has to be made more effective by the shopping mall management. As much as possible, everyone in the mall should participate in the campaign for the shopping mall grease trap elimination.

Kitchens of these food establishments in the shopping mall deposit very high levels of FOG and solid food particles. From the preparation of meals to the washing of kitchen equipment, utensils, and dishes, FOG is there. Shopping mall grease trap elimination should be started in the kitchen by those in the kitchen. The management should orient the kitchen staff and even post daily reminders to practice proper disposal of FOG and solid food particulates. Every bit of FOG and food should be scraped off from everything that’s used and collected in a receptacle that should be sealed up and thrown away with the rest of the trash. The sink drains should be fitted with food meshes or strainers to catch any small remainders of FOG and food. These practices will dramatically help eliminate the grease materials that enter the grease trap. Even the patrons that frequent the shopping mall could participate in the campaign against FOG. They could dispose of the grease materials in special trash bins made especially for FOG.

When FOG overflows, it mixes into the untreated effluent and solidifies into the pipelines. There, they accumulate and block the entire pathway of the wastewater towards the wastewater treatment facility. The wastewater then backs up into the shopping mall facilities and contaminates the surrounding environment. Health and environmental problems ensue. These issues bring about inconvenience to the shopping mall customers and terrible publicity for the shopping mall administration because of the huge fines and lawsuits they have to deal with. It is recommended for the shopping mall maintenance department to monitor the level of FOG in the grease trap everyday so that they may know when the grease trap experts will be called during the week. The services rendered by grease trap cleaning companies include the following:

• Pressure cleaning of the inlets, outlets, baffles, and walls
• Deodorizing of the grease trap
• Pump outs done very early in the morning
• Grease trap inspection
• Keeping a maintenance schedule

Bioaugmentation and bioremediation should be used in shopping mall grease trap elimination because they are safer to use than harsh chemicals and enzymes. Bioaugmentation makes use of a selected strain of bacteria while bioremediation makes use of non-pathogenic bacteria in breaking down the FOG and other contaminants in the grease trap. They are highly recommended because they also target the foul odors in the trap. With bacteria, shopping mall grease trap elimination is a done deal.