Septic Tank Cleaners and Bacteria

I think you could say that septic tank cleaners and bacteria are similar to acids and bacteria/ enzymes for a digestive system. For your body bacteria and acids help break down the food that we eat. Its all apart of the digestive system. When your digestive system is working properly you feel good and at the top of your game.  Problems do occur though, like constipation and diarrhea.  Being constipated is like having a blockage in your septic system whereas diarrhea can be compared to your leaching field being flooded with excess water and waste.  Our bodies digest food and get rid of all the bad solid waste. When your septic tank is working properly, solid waste is transformed into liquid waste or effluent.  When your septic tank isn’t working properly, blockages of sludge from your septic tank can build up drain field and pipes.  This can be disastrous and cost you thousands in repairs or total system replacement in a worst case scenario.  This post will point out some things that can ruin your septic system.

The first thing you should avoid doing is disposing of too much oil and grease down your sink drains or utility sinks.  Septic systems have a difficult time breaking down fats, oil and grease.  These three things solidify and cause blockages in the drain field and eventually be the source of foul sewer odors and septic smells.

Next, don’t flush anything that is non- biodegradable down your toilet.  For instance, tampons, cotton swabs, and cat litter will only contribute to septic system blockages.  You may think that kitchen sink garbage disposal systems are great, but when used in excess, can be the cause of major septic blockages by depositing raw undigested waste into the septic system. This raw undigested waste takes a considerably longer time to digest causing septic backups.

Certain toxic septic tank cleaner chemicals can be harmful to your septic system.  These include products containing bleach, peroxide, pesticides, and other items considered to be a solvent. Many of these chemical based septic tank cleaners kill off the healthy bacteria essential to septic digestion in your septic. Bacteria based septic tank cleaners actually boost the digestion process of solid waste and support a good healthy septic environment. Think of bacterial septic tank cleaners as a probiotic. The bacteria will help support the resident bacteria to keep working in the digestion process.

One more thing that you should be mindful of in regards to your septic tank is the type of trees and plants surrounding your system.  Roots that penetrate deep into the soil can break through the wall of your septic tank and drain field causing serious damage to the system.  Instead, ask a local garden nursery for plants and trees with shallow roots.

If a blockage does occur, your problem can be solved by adding a septic tank cleaner and bacteria on a monthly basis. Monthly septic tank maintenance treatment containing a beneficial septic tank cleaners and bacteria will benefit the growth of healthy bacteria essential to the smooth operation of septic systems.  Natural septic tank cleaner and bacteria products are environmentally safe and contain healthy bacteria and enzymes will help to maintain an ideal septic system.  Keeping your septic system healthy is good for the environment and your finances.