Septic additives do help drain fields.

For years, you have been known as a very successful advertising executive. No commercial materialized unless you approved it and unless you knew that the product was really effective. It was your principle that every single advertisement you released had to be truthful and contained no trace of false promises whatsoever. You hated false promises in commercials. Your family fell for such advertisements when you were still young and wasted so much money in inefficient and incompetent products. You always wondered if septic tank additives do help drain fields perform better. From then on, you wanted to change the choicest that consumers had. This was the main reason why you entered advertising. You knew that there was always a window to untruthful advertising and in your company, you never allowed this to happen. It was your way of maintaining a voice for the consumers—people who got taken advantage of by large corporations most of the time.

One day, you received a proposal for a certain product for septic drain fields. It was a biological septic additive that has just been developed. It contained non-pathogenic bacteria that aimed to improve the resident bacteria in the septic system. Your septic tank maintenance guy told you that septic tank additives do help drain fields function better. It said that it would result to the assurance of the consumer that the drain field will not clog until the next treatment session. This was a product that you wanted to try for yourself before you actually approved it. Your company was known to make true and honest commercials so you have to learn about the product very well to really know what to show the consumers. Your assistant went into your office to note that the product would have to wait for three months before approval. The manufacturer respected your decision because he wanted no other company to make their advertisement except for your ad company.

After the promised period, you finally approved the product. Your departments immediately took action in making the commercial for the septic additive company. Of course, a hefty amount of money was paid to you for such a great effort. It was not an easy task for you to approve the product. You even waited that long to get the wheels turning. It was very important for you to really establish the fact that the new biological additive was really effective. You have really proven the product to be beneficial to the drain field. Your drains never experienced minor backups since you used the product. Your septic expert even told you that he has never seen anything like the product before. It worked fast and even had a lemon scent. He said that more septic system products should be manufactured like that one.

The drain field is one of the most important components of your septic system. It is where the outgoing effluent from the septic tank is purified and rid of pathogens. The drain field is the last stage of the wastewater treatment system in your home. So it is only right for you to really take care of it. Aside from applying biological septic additives into the drain field, you should make sure that no trees are planted above it. You could also install a dry well near your septic system to take on additional water away from your drain field. Bacteria-friendly household cleaner should be used and you should properly use your drains, sinks, and toilets.

This kind of information should be included in the advertisement that you want to approve for the new biological septic additive. You knew that the commercial should help the consumers and make the, more aware that there are products that would really help their drain field and not just trick them into using a useless product.

After the release of the commercial, you were confident that it would really enlighten consumers from all walks of life. It would deliver information that is accurate and well-researched. It would also contain first-hand testimonials from you. That would truly make the product very credible and really establish the fact that biological septic additives do help drain fields last longer.