How to get rid of lateral line bio-mat buildup

Getting rid of lateral line bio-mat buildup is the last thing that you would want on your mind. It’s just one of those hectic weeks at work. You stay behind your desk and type away. It doesn’t really involve writing anything. You are a computer coder. Piles of handwritten or obsolete printed files were dumped in your desk every single day, even before you even arrived at the office. It was a stable yet stressful job that you would give anything to quit from. But your life wasn’t really peachy. You had to keep the job to pay your rent and bills. You even have to send some money to your brothers to help them, even if they already had their families. You weren’t even able to marry because you had to work, work, work. You’ve have done every kind of work imaginable since you were fifteen. You even sold magazines and newspapers for a time at a stall downtown.

By the end of the week, you were looking forward to sleeping in until Sunday. You couldn’t even imagine yourself watching TV or a movie. Your eyes and hands were so tired that you could feel them screaming already. When you reached the door of your apartment, you saw an envelope slipped under your door. It was from a lawyer. The letter said that you should call him immediately to discuss something very important. So even if you were overly tired, you took out your mobile phone and called him, he asked you if it would be all right for him to come over that moment. Since you did not have any plans to leave your apartment that night, you said yes and in just half an hour, he was there. He said that your former patient at the nursing home left everything to you. She didn’t have anyone to leave everything to because she was a widower without a child. You were the only person who gave so much attention to her when you worked there. She looked hard for you after you left and before she died, you were the one she looked for. She left her properties all over the country to you, including a hefty amount in the bank.

Your responsibility was to make sure that every home was well taken care of. You were very surprised at what had just happened. You signed few documents and received all the keys and details about the houses and the bank accounts. The lawyer left. He gave you his card in case you wanted to see the properties. After a few weeks, you resigned from your work and decided to see the properties. The lawyer arranged the transportation and before another week began, you travelled to the areas that you inherited. One by one, you checked everything and wanted to make sure that the houses were still intact. Your even talked to the septic experts that handled every property. You were concerned about the lateral line bio-mat build up that could’ve already started since the properties were not visited for a long time. The septic people told you how to get rid of lateral line bio-mat buildup. The septic experts told you that the lateral line bio-mat can be prevented and eliminated through the following so you didn’t have to worry.

a. There are several ways to prevent lateral line bio-mat from building up. Keeping the scheduled pump outs and treatments would be able to keep the lateral line bio-mat at bay. Another way is to properly use the toilets, drains, and sinks by not dumping antibacterial solutions, non-biodegradable materials, and grease into them. Lessening the water load in the septic system is another way to keep the bio-mat from thickening. When the solid wastes from the septic tank are stirred up because of the increased water load, the solid wastes pour into the leach field and into the lateral lines. This thickens the bio-mat. You can also have a dry well installed beside the septic system to handle the grey water and help lessen the water load as well.

b. The ultimate means to eliminate the lateral line bio-mat buildup is to dig up the lateral lines in the leach field and replace the entire system. This is very expensive and would be very time consuming as well.

After checking out the properties, you decided to keep the news to yourself for a while until your brothers find jobs or they would just ask everything from you. You wanted them to work harder like you did. Your inheritance was a blessing and it was your job to enrich the blessing given to you and not waste it away. How to get rid of lateral line bio-mat buildup was a question you would always remember.