Retirement home grease trap control

[rev_slider problems]Many people dream of waking up the following day without even thinking of going to work. They would just take their time at breakfast and chat up with family and friends as they plan their leisure activities for the following weeks. This only happens when someone wins the lottery or when someone retires. When retirement enters the scene, some people get excited while some get scared. Excitement is there because they finally get to kick back and enjoy the spoils of their hard work back when they were still young. For some, fear sets in at retirement age because of so many reasons—they might be alone, they don’t have savings, their children still depend on them, and they might have no place to go. How about the fear of not being able to maintain your dwelling?

Stories vary. But bottom line is that retirement homes are there to be for every retiree. These days, when retirees decide to admit themselves into retirement homes, they are ready to be served by these institutions the best means possible. Many retirement homes are constructed to become residential accommodations for people of retirement age. At this stage of life, retirees need to feel that they can still manage to live on their own. Residential units, which are equipped with their very own bathrooms and kitchens, make it possible for the elderly to live independent lives and would only be assisted when they are not physically able or are impeded by their medical conditions. Basic needs are provided here such as food, shelter, water, and medical care. It’s true that the retirees would rather do things on their own but the administration still makes sure that they are provided with food and medications. These establishments also care for the maintenance of the grounds and facilities, such as retirement home grease trap control. They do this to take pressure off of the residents.

These provisions make the kitchens function at full blast in retirement homes. There are residents, workers, and guests to cater to. This makes retirement homes large contributors to the FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis. The FOG crisis gets worse because of the frequent FOG overflow that comes from retirement homes. When this happens, the untreated wastewater gets laced with FOG. When the FOG reaches the pipes, it sticks to the inner walls and eventually blocks the normal flow of the effluent towards the wastewater treatment facility. The wastewater then backs up into the retirement home, compromising everyone’s already weakened health.
To help in retirement home grease trap control, the federal government has created the grease ordinance. This ordinance aims to protect the wastewater treatment facility in every state. It requires retirement homes to have grease traps installed. The traps should be in perfect condition, should have permits, and should be maintained at all times. Inspection should be done by the management so that any repairs or replacements can be made before the FOG gets too overwhelming to control.

Retirement home grease trap control is an endeavor that should be shared by the entire retirement home community. If ever the retirees cook their own food, they should join the practice of collecting solid wastes and grease and placing them in containers that can be sealed up before they’re disposed of with the rest of the trash. Their kitchen sinks could also have strainers and meshes to keep the bits of grease and solid wastes from entering the grease trap. These practical tips can drastically lessen the amount of FOG that enters the grease trap.

Bacteria as grease trap cleaners will also be good for retirement home grease trap control. They are organisms that consume FOG and solid wastes so they get to convert the FOG into less detrimental forms. The grease trap becomes odorless as well after bacteria takes over. The environment isn’t contaminated when bacteria cleans the grease trap. This is because they have no chemical discharges that pollute.

It would be wiser to invest in bacteria as a means of retirement home grease trap control. It would certainly be worth every penny. Lawsuits and fines would be a thing of the past as well.