Office complex grease trap cleaner

What is considered to be the most effective office complex grease trap cleaner? All sorts of products promise effective grease trap cleaning. They are found in every store imaginable and they available in every form possible. Most people would think that the grease trap doesn’t need much maintenance at all because it just has to adhere to the scheduled pump outs and cleaning. This thought might be true for some. Although for much busier and much larger facilities like the office complex, it may take more than just pump outs and clean ups.

An office complex is one of the major accomplishments in the past century. Many people have always complained about how difficult it is to complete required paperwork, renew licenses, and so on. Because of the need to have things done in a much shorter length of time, office administrators have thought of putting together connected offices and departments to allow a much more efficient flow of tasks. Because of the number of people that frequent office complexes, food has to be provided regularly. The kitchen is the largest contributor of FOG (fats, oils, grease). The US is presently having a problem with FOG overflow from various institutions and companies like office complexes. It seems that there should be a more effective office complex grease trap cleaner used and a much better maintenance routine practices.

The grease trap is a required component for every structure that handles or produces food items. This is because a great bulk of FOG comes from these products. And the FOG accumulates in the grease trap. As the grey water from the dishwashing area travel towards the trap, the FOG solidifies and floats on the effluent. The solidified grease gets trapped by the baffles in the grease trap and the heavy solid wastes sink to its floor. In ideal conditions, the effluent that enters the wastewater pipes should be FOG-free and solid waste-free. Since there is a large amount of FOG that accumulates in the office complex grease trap, the FOG spills over into the wastewater and enters the sewer lines. The FOG sticks to the inner walls of the pipes and harden. The FOG becomes thicker until it blocks the entire wastewater passage towards the wastewater treatment facility.

There is a set limit to the amount of FOG that should enter the wastewater. Office complex kitchens go beyond the set FOG limit most of the time. This results to large fines and lawsuits. If proper maintenance is done using the right office complex grease trap cleaner, these will be prevented.

Many think that the office complex grease trap cleaner should be harsh chemicals or enzymes. Those would really get into the FOG and solid waste materials and dissolve them immediately. On the contrary. These chemicals and enzymes, merely emulsify the FOG and solid wastes. This makes things worse because the emulsified grease and solid materials mix into the wastewater and then harden inside the pipes. What you think helps get rid of the FOG actually intensifies the damage that it causes. The blockages make the wastewater back up into the office complex and cause many health problems. The surrounding environment is also contaminated. Aquatic life disappears and an imbalance in the ecosystems takes place.

Bioremediation is the most ideal method in cleaning the office complex grease trap. This process uses non-pathogenic or friendly bacteria. There are various forms of bacteria that the office complex maintenance could choose from. It’s usually according to the budget and preference. Powdered bacteria are popular because they are easy to ship anywhere and can easily be stored in shelves. Bacteria pumps are able to deliver doses of bacteria with the use of programmed time intervals. Liquid bacteria are poured into the drain so they flow right into the grease trap. Bacteria blocks are tied up and suspended in the grease trap until they are dissolved.

Bacteria degrade the FOG and solid waste materials very quickly. At the same time, disarming odors are also eliminated. Bacteria are known as Nature’s best plumbing material. They may be primitive organisms but they do get the job done. We hope this article helped the reader understand what can be the most effective office complex grease trap cleaner?