Monthly septic tank additives

Although you were the adviser of the seventh grade class, every field trip or class tour taught you a lot. Your school always saw to it that every venue was educational and unforgettable. One of the places that your class was supposed to visit was a subdivision under construction. The reason behind this was known only to the tour guide. It was a cloudy day. You must admit that it was a good day to be outside and enjoy the outdoor sites that you were supposed to set foot on. The gadgets in your bag were always at a ready during opportunities like this. You had your camera, tripod, Android, and notebook to make sure that everything was documented. You also made short exams on the side for evaluation purposes.

Your seventh grade class was a fun lot. They loved to make noise but at a reasonable level. They listened attentively to the tour guide as he talked about each destination that they covered in their itinerary. The next stop was the subdivision under construction. It was fondly called a suburban village by the developer. You loved the surprise that the venue held as you and your class took the hard hats that were prepared for you.

The developer turned them over to the architect of the entire village under construction. It was a huge amount of space that they were working on. You brought out your camera and started documenting. When you stopped at a lot that was being excavated did you find out why you were brought to such a place? The architect started to elaborate what was going on.

According to the architect, the lot was being dug up because a septic system and drain field was going to be installed there. It was one of the basic components of a fully functional house. All of the seventh graders fell silent. They didn’t know they had septic tank and drain field in their yards. They were absolutely amazed by the idea that they had something that big under their homes. The architect then transferred them to the care of their local septic tank expert. The septic tank expert was clearly a very experienced man in his area of work. He said that the septic tank and drain field relied on the use of bacteria to be the main workers. The aerobic bacteria break down the solid waste materials in the septic tank so that when the effluent reaches the drain field, the anaerobic bacteria will be able to purify it without the risk of the drain field being clogged by the solid wastes.

The septic expert also discussed about the septic tank. It was one of the most important components of the septic system. It needs a monthly septic tank additive treatment so that the anaerobic bacteria in there will not die off and leave the septic system unusable. There were inorganic, organic, and biological additives that are our in the market. The inorganic septic tank additives are the very strong bases and acids that would most likely corrode the tank itself. The organic additives have been known to be used by many homeowners for years but studies have shown that this type of additive such as yeast, could only increase the sludge level much faster and clog the drain field as well. Baking soda is known to counter the acidity in the tank but when used too much, it may interfere with the breakdown of the solid wastes. The safest known monthly septic tank additive is the biological type because it makes use of non-pathogenic bacteria to improve the performance of the already existing bacterial population in the tank. It is very safe to use and doesn’t give off harmful chemicals that would harm the surrounding environment as well.

It was a tiring yet educational field trip. You and your class learned a whole lot about monthly septic tank additives and the septic system itself. You would never look at your yard the way again.