How to locate your cesspool

Betting could be known as something that you could not live without. You have tried every kind of betting that you could get into. You even started online betting already. Even if your wife didn’t agree with what you did, you kept on going. She just had only one condition and that was not to let the kids know about your habit. Your latest bet was to be on your best friend’s birthday party that Friday after work. Your wife had to take the children to her parents’ house for the weekend so you had a license to stay at the bar until eleven that night. It was a very hyper atmosphere at the bar. There weren’t any strippers at all or anything sexy like that. It was just the boys at their favorite bar. Your best friend was still single but he didn’t like to make things cloudy by inviting sexy women.

While the rest of the guys were playing billiard, you gave your gift to your best friend. It was a shirt that he was eyeing the other day when you passed by the men’s store. After a few minutes, the two of you joined the others at the billiard table. It wasn’t clear how but all of a sudden you were talking about your septic and how to locate your cesspool. It just so happened that none of you knew how to locate your cesspool. Then the bet happened. You were the victim. One of your friends bet you a thousand dollars that you won’t be able to locale your cesspool in one day. There were no specifications to the bet so you accepted. You told them that you could. The bet was timely because that weekend was the scheduled maintenance of your cesspool.

You knew that you had to win the bet because a thousand dollars was on the line. Since there were no specific rules to serve as boundaries for what you should do. You thought of what you should really do to locate your cesspool. As you know, your cesspool is your personal wastewater treatment system. This was surrounded by soil that disperses the treated effluent to the surrounding environment. Its a tank that is surrounded by holes for the effluent to exit from. But this tank should be regularly pumped out because of the accumulated sludge. The sludge should be eliminated so that clogging and backing up would not take place.
The first thing you did was look for your property blueprint. Your studied it but it wasn’t clear as to whether it was followed or altered. So you called your septic expert to help you locate the cesspool. He said that there would be no problem with that since he was the only one who worked on your system since you acquired the property. You also asked the environment and health department in your town to crosscheck the blueprint that you had in your possession. This technically didn’t clarify anything because your septic expert was the only person who knew where the cesspool was.

When your septic expert arrived, he showed you the exact location of the cesspool and its opening. He said that in locating the cesspool, you have to look at the dry or wet grass on the yard. This would signify the condition of the cesspool. Dry, dead grass meant that the cesspool was okay while soggy grass indicated that a clog maybe in progress. After a couple of hours, when all the treatments were applied, your septic expert already left. Your friends arrived just in time. They all saw you fiddling with the grass on your yard. They assumed that you were still looking for your cesspool and your friend said how to locate your cesspool. When they called out to you and asked for their thousand bucks, you stood up and told them that you wanted to collect your thousand bucks that moment. They didn’t know that you already found your cesspool. Too bad your other friend just had a thousand-dollar loss.