Leach field safe household cleaners

This article will touch base on leach field safe household cleaners and the importance of maintaining a healthy septic system. When I growing up, my mother would take me with her to the grocery store to get different odds end ends. When we would go out, I would get to experience this big world as we know it today. I could see all of the people, the many different products that are on the shelves to buy. There was everything from candies, to cheese, to septic treatment, to expensive cuts of meats. Most of the time we had to just buy the bare necessities, but every once in a while we would get to indulge in something that we always wanted to try or taste. Now that I am older I still place my basic necessities first. It doesn’t matter if I could not purchase what I want just as long as I get what is needed for my household to function right. One of the areas that I place high on my priority list is my septic system. I would advise that you only purchase leach field safe household cleaners. This was what your septic expert told me after an incident with the backing up of the drains, toilets, and sinks in my home.

I learned that the septic system is made up mainly of the septic tank and the leach field. Both sections have bacteria that do the breaking down of the solid waste materials and the purification of the effluent. In the septic tank, the aerobic bacteria work on degrading the solid wastes that come in with the wastewater. The leach field has the anaerobic bacteria that help purify the effluent and regulate the bio-mat that filter the effluent. The leach field is the final stage of your wastewater treatment. It is where the treated cleaner water should be dispersed to the ground water. If the leach field gets clogged up by excess sludge and over accumulation of bio-mat, then the septic system could go into failure. This almost happens to systems all over.

Most likely you use antibacterial cleaning products because of the rampant spread of diseases. People tend to get fearful, so like any other consumer, you opted for products that made you feel safe. You used such products for quite a while until one day, there was wastewater backing up into your home. It was a good thing that the septic expert saw it as a small malfunction. But he strictly told you to switch household cleaning products. Your leach field needed attention at that time because the resident bacteria were being killed off.

As you may know, the leach field needs the anaerobic bacteria to fulfill its purification duties. When the bacteria in the septic tank were eliminated, the solid waste accumulated. This caused the clogging of the leach field. Because of the clogging, the leach field was saturated with untreated wastewater that wiped out the anaerobic bacteria. The bio-mat then became unregulated and further blocked the leach field.

Getting your hand on leach field safe household cleaners can really help the overall condition of your septic system. Bacteria are the very essence of the septic system and you should always make sure that they are kept safe. It is just like having a pet underneath your house.

As you strolled leisurely through the grocery aisles, you kept in mind the leach field safe household cleaners that you should switch to. There weren’t that many of them and they cost more than what you usually bought. But if they were going to save you a lot in leach field repairs, then every penny would be worth it.