Are lateral line aerators beneficial?

Choosing a new home is more difficult than choosing what to wear on a big date. A date, no matter how romantic it will be. In the end it is just a date. It will just come and go by you in the blink of an eye. But a home…Well… A home is like a tattoo, especially when you take good care of it. It is your symbol. It is your ultimate signature in the years that you have lived. Something that would carry you until you get old and eventually pass on. This is something that you should maintain and care for diligently. As you grow up, you will probably strive for a nice stable job or work toward a degree. Once you achieve that then you go to a new goal. Usually the next step is to get a house of your own. This is where maintaining your residence comes into play. You may have to figure new ways of maintaining different areas of the home. Perhaps your septic system. For example, to help maintain your septic system. Are lateral line aerators beneficial?

Your life is still in the making. You thought of it as something that had to come out from scratch so that you can be very sure that the materials were indeed sturdy and reliable. You cannot possibly compromise durability for aesthetics. It may have been a ready-made property but who were you to know if it really was built according to standards? The one thing you were very particular about was the septic system. Its components were very important for you to learn about. In order to find out as much technical information as you could, you asked your septic expert. He dropped by one day after the house was finished to examine the yard.

The septic system that the property permitted was a conventional one. It was a septic system that was to be installed underneath your property. It was great because you have seen other homes that had raised mounds and you could never imagine yourself looking at your septic system every morning. The conventional septic system that you were going to have is composed of a septic tank and a drain field. The septic tank had to be built according to the size of your household. You said that it should accommodate up to seven people. It was in anticipation of a family. The drain field is part of the system that has trenches and lateral lines that distributes the treated and purified effluent to the surrounding soil area. The lateral lines are connected to the distribution box to really make this happen.

Are lateral line aerators beneficial? With this, you asked how you could be sure that the lateral lines would really be okay for decades to come. Immediately, the septic expert answered that the best way for this to happen was to install a lateral line aeration system. Are lateral line aerators beneficial? This was your initial thought. As if he read your mind, the septic expert said that lateral line aerators are very beneficial. The aeration system pumps oxygen into the septic system straight through to the lateral lines. With that much oxygen, aerobic bacteria throughout the entire system are encouraged to grow. This type of bacteria breaks down solid waste particles much faster than anaerobic bacteria could. As a result, no clogging occurs, especially in the lateral lines of the drain field.

More evidence of the lateral line aerators will be seen in 4-6 weeks. A dramatic change in the running of the system and in the effluent will be noticeable. The effluent is said to be 90% odor-free when the aeration system is activated. This is definitely better than regular maintenance routines. It is all in the aerobic bacteria that act more aggressively than the anaerobic bacteria, mainly because of their greater number.
After the orientation, you told your septic expert to have a lateral line aeration system installed at the soonest so that you may never experience heavy duty clogging for the rest of your stay in your new home. Prevention is better than cure, right? Aerating the lateral lines is a great way to prevent septic system failure. We hope this article helped you the reader answers the age old question of are lateral line aerators beneficial?