Will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields?

Most people are aware that a septic system is composed of the septic tank and the drain field. The septic tank is where the waste water is initially treated and stored. The drain field is where the purification and the last treatment for the waste water are done before it is released into the surrounding environment. The drain field is also prone to acquiring pathogenic bacteria and stubborn solid sediments that could stray from the septic tank. This happens when the septic system is starting to malfunction because of neglect, increased water load, damages, and excessive use of antibacterial solutions and harsh chemicals. How about other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide? Will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields?

There are a number of effective drain field cleaners that you could avail of these days. Development in the septic field continuously improves as years go by. More and more chemical compounds are discovered and used but have you ever thought of the most common instant stain removing chemical compound to ever be used on drain fields? Hydrogen peroxide has always been known as a very potent stain remover and bacteria killer. Since it is classified as an antiseptic, will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields? Well, with proper usage, the answer is NO.

Hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 is a chemical that is very strong in its purest form. It is used in large industries as an affordable and potent disinfectant and cleaner. In pharmacies, it could also be availed but only in a weak, diluted form of 3% H2O2 in 97% water. Hydrogen peroxide is placed in actinic or brown containers to prevent sunlight from degrading it. There are other health stores that have this chemical compound in 30-35% dilution, which are stronger than what you usually buy. If you are considering hydrogen peroxide as a drain field cleaner, then you should consult with your septic expert so that the proper dilution could be used. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent killer of harmful or pathogenic bacteria in the drain field. As it kills the pathogenic microorganisms, the foul odors of the effluent are eradicated. You should not use hydrogen peroxide in its purest form because the resident bacteria will also be killed off. You wouldn’t want that because the resident bacteria in your septic tank and drain field make your system functional.

Aside from cleaning the drain field, hydrogen peroxide is also used in various ways:
1) You could use hydrogen peroxide as a ten-minute gargle everyday to get rid of stains and bacteria. Just a small amount will do. You should also remember not to use hydrogen peroxide gargle for a long period of time because it could damage the cells of your oral cavity and soften the surfaces of your teeth.
2) Just pour hydrogen peroxide on your cutting boards after you rinse them to eliminate harmful bacteria such as Salmonella.
3) Mix hydrogen peroxide with the same amount of water to disinfect areas of your house and this won’t affect the drain field at all.
4) Hydrogen peroxide could even help you get those trendy highlights on your hair. It lightens hair color gradually.
5) Just wipe or spray hydrogen peroxide on counters or surfaces and you will be able to eliminate dirt, bacteria while leaving a clean scent.
6) You could battle toxic mold with hydrogen peroxide.
7) Hydrogen peroxide could also be added into your white laundry soak to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt. You could also spot apply it on isolated blood or wine stains.
8) This chemical compound could also be used as a meat or vegetable soak to get rid of bacteria, dirt, and chemicals before cooking.

Hydrogen peroxide could really be helpful in making sure that the harmful bacteria will not seep through the surrounding environment. If this happens, the water systems around your home could get the diseases incorporated in the waste water that your household produces. The pathogens could even reach the water supply that enters the homes within your area and this could affect so many lives. Consult with your septic expert if you want to use hydrogen peroxide on your drain field. We hope this article helped you the reader understand the age old question of will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields?