How to clean a leach field?

It was show and tell day at school. Your daughter loved that day, it was the one day where she could share some of the things she was interested in. You had the same experience when you were young and it really made you proud every time she exerted effort in bringing something or inviting someone into school. There was a time when you saw her bring a stick that she found in the forest and you found out that she told the class the life story of a tree. There was also a time when she brought your pet pug to school and showed everyone the tricks the loveable three-year-old family dog could do. It was refreshing to see her interested in school work. But never in your entire life have you ever thought that someday, she would think of inviting your septic expert to school. She was suddenly interested in how the septic system works and how to clean a leach field. It started a week ago when your septic expert arrived at your door for scheduled leach field cleaning. Your daughter observed form the porch that time and you never thought that she was actually interested in what went on. But there she was, in front of the class with your septic expert. At first everyone giggled and made fun of the situation because the septic system was not a common topic in Show and Tell. But when your daughter demanded attention and started talking, everyone became quiet and listened. She then eventually gave the floor to the septic expert to further explain the things that she couldn’t.

The septic expert gave information on how to clean the leach field.

1. First, everything should be well-prepared. What you would need are your property’s blueprint or plans, shovel, garden hose, crowbar, leach field solution, funnel, and the septic professional. Doing so will let you know how much you need to get things done.

2. Know your septic system’s location by consulting your blueprint.

3. The borders of the septic tank should be marked. Then dig eighteen inches from the top soil until you come upon a metal hatch. You could use your hands or use a crowbar in opening his lid.

4. The septic professional will then drag a hose from the pump truck and start pumping out your septic tank and cleaning your leach field.

5. While the septic professional cleans the leach field and septic tank, his assistant, adds beneficial bacteria to the system. This septic tank and leach field treatment will shock the drain field. Make sure to follow the directions indicated in the packaging.

6. The septic professional will locate the T-shaped outlet pipe. He will attach a garden hose and inject beneficial bacteria to the leach field.

7. The septic leach field professional will apply the solution into the funnel so that it could reach the leach field. The leach field solution will cleanse the drain field through a process of beneficial bacterial digestion. If you a distribution box or d-box, the septic professional can introduce the septic leach field cleaning product directly into the drain field without using the funnel method.

The entire class was in awe. Even the teacher was silent. It was the first time that the cleaning of a leach field was actually discussed in her fourth grade class. She herself was fascinated at how it was done. Usually, people are just aware that there is an existing septic system. But what actually took place inside it was unknown to them. It was a refreshing Show and Tell. Before the septic expert left, he reminded the students to tell their parents some things that could help their leach field better. He told them that they should not plant trees over the leach field, not use harsh chemicals and antibacterial solutions, not put non-biodegradable materials, grease, fats, and oils into the toilets, drains, and sinks; install a dry well nearby to decrease the water load of the system. Do not allow any construction or vehicles over the leach field and make sure to keep the maintenance and treatment schedules.

Your daughter got an A+ at the class Show and Tell. Everyone learned a lot. Your septic expert was happy as well because he was able to raise awareness by presenting that day.