Will Caustic Soda Clean Cesspits?

The exact cause of a cesspit back up is not always a matter of simply one item or another. There has to be a thorough inspection of all of the conditions that are involved in the process and see what it is that caused the cesspit to back up. Typically a buildup of solid waste build up and organic solids build up are the main contributor in a cesspit or cesspool clog. The use of caustic soda will be looked at as one of the best solutions to this condition. Conditions of the cesspit tank and the environmental conditions can all be a part of the process that contributes to the problem.

One thing that has to be looked at is that the levels of bacteria is at a constant. This can often be one of the largest contributing factors that will lead to a cesspit failing. Another area would be an excessive amount of water that is dumped into the system. If you have the tank pumped and a week later, it is full, then you have to diagnose the issue. This can be done by looking into the cesspit. If the water level is above the intake line, then you have a clog on the outflow pipe.

Anti-bacterial products can contribute greatly to the buildup of sludge in a cesspit. The anti bacterial properties of common household products can kill of beneficial bacteria that are essential to the digestion of human organic solid buildup in a septic system.

An outflow clog will many times be linked to a leach field failure. These can often resolve themselves if you give it enough time to allow the waste to be broken down and not overwhelm the system. If the issue is not an outflow problem, then look at the individual sources, flush a toilet one at a time and see if there is a difference, then run water in a sink, keep doing this until you find where the clog is.

Will caustic soda clean a cesspit? The answer is yes! Caustic soda has been used for many years as a means to open up stubborn cesspits that are clogged from years of neglect and bio mat buildup. Caustic soda will burn through the bio mat build up breaking down the years of organic solid waste buildup allowing beneficial bacterial additives to penetrate the gravel in the bottom of the cesspit allowing for greater digestion of organic matter.

Bacteria treatments are an excellent way to rejuvenate bacterial counts after the caustic soda treatments process. Take a little time to add this once a month to aid the natural beneficial bacteria that is there already and you will see a massive difference in the amount of waste that is being disposed on a regular occurrence.

Taking some precautionary steps to prevent any issues from forming will go a long way in helping to maintain a strong a useful cesspit. It is important that if the tank is empty that you do not drive a truck or other heavy vehicle over the cesspit as this will often lead to a collapse.

All of these tips will be of massive use for a person that is looking to get the best results from their taking care of their cesspit. If you take the opportunity to consider all of this, you will have little to no issues in getting a cesspit that you can be proud of for a long time. There are a great number of reasons that a person will want to make sure that they keep their cesspit up and running without fail.