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Will Caustic Soda Clean Cesspools?

Want to know if caustic soda will clean cesspools? Then this is the place to go for all of the answers that you require on this topic. There are a great number of people that are curious about this question and a number of them will take the needed time and see what all can come from the use of these chemicals in the person’s cesspool. There are some words of caution that need to be kept in mind to get the answers that you are so desperately seeking out. The most important thing to know about caustic soda is that it is a very strong acid capable of doing a great amount of damage to a system if a person is not careful and does not take the needed precautions. 

One of these precautions is to not use the chemical straight on without diluting it in some way. The most common way to dilute caustic soda is by using the water in the cesspool. Applying the product in an undiluted state can cause serious damage to the internal components of the cesspool system. Thoroughly read any labeling and instructions that accompany the product and be sure to consult a professional if you are unclear on how to proceed with the treatment. 

It is highly discouraged that you use other chemicals in a cesspool when using caustic soda, there are a number of chemicals that this may have a violent reaction to and will often lead to a number of serious issues including damage and potential harm to humans and the environment. Adding or mixing chemicals with caustic soda can have toxic, if not explosive effects. It is advised that this be avoided at all cost if it is possible. 

Caution needs to be addressed when it comes to dealing with caustic soda in general. The last thing that you will want is there to be an issue with you and you not using this in a correct and proper manner. Clothing should be thick and rugged and you will certainly want to employ the use of gloves and eye protection. This will help to protect you from the harmful effects of the chemical in case it comes in contact with you.

Gather as much information as possible relating to how much caustic soda to use, what strength is it and how long will the chemical effect last. No matter how much caustic soda you apply to your cesspool, the need to repopulate bacteria colonies quickly is of extreme importance since caustic soda will surely destroy all of the beneficial bacteria existing within your entire cesspool system.

While the soda may help clear out perforations that have become clogged with waste and sludge, the after effects must be dealt with in order to “jumpstart” your system. Since all cesspools rely on immense amounts of bacteria for proper function, rejuvenating the system with a high grade bacteria additive will finalize the treatment and assure that the system has a strong chance of recovering

Why Cesspool Systems Overflow

A cesspool is a vital part of any effective waste disposal system; there are a number of different reasons that will lead to one of these overflowing at any one given time. The cause will need to be known before an effective treatment will be able to be established. Depending on the exact cause, which can include; blocked effluent filters, weakened or collapsed main lines, compacted soils, hard or plastic blockages within the lines or filters and so on. A thorough inspection will determine the course of action needed to repair the cause of the cesspool overflow. 

One of the most common mistakes is that of dumping items down the system that are not approved or healthy for the system. The inclusion of detrimental objects is generally due to the homeowner’s lack of understanding and knowledge about the system function; this can have some serious consequences, as many people will not understand the full extent of the serious nature until they have to replace their cesspool due to it clogged or broken being beyond repair. It is important that a homeowner knows all that they can learn about the items that can and cannot be flushed down the system. 

Age is another area that causes a lot of cesspools to fail. There are a number of these that after their time has come simply will slow down in their ability to function or will just stop working altogether. This is important information that you need to keep in mind when it is a matter of knowing when the life of your cesspool is about up. This failure will be one of the top reasons that this will require intervention so as to allow the system to function more effectively. As with automobiles, you will want to try whatever you can initially to help avoid the potential massive cost associated with a new system. 

Taking the time to schedule a regular inspection of the system and adding a suitable monthly bacteria treatment will go a long way in assisting the homeowner to make sure that they are keeping their system up and running on a regular basis. These tips and tricks are able to be used in helping to maintain a great working cesspool in your waste disposal needs. 

Don’t put anything into your system that is plastic or non-biodegradable. Be careful with what foods you allow to go down your drains such as coffee grounds, grease, oils and the like. Taking a little time to look at all of these details in a little more depth, will help to ensure that you are getting the best deal when it comes to providing care for your cesspool.